Tysabri question!

Hello everyone, back again after not logging on for a while!

Wanted to ask a question about Tysabri. I’ve now had four infusions and, so far, no real problems with it. However, I always feel absolutely shattered the day after the infusion, to the point where I don’t even have the energy to get out of bed! Just wondered if anyone else who is using this drug have the same or similar after effect?

Hi there,

Hope you are as good as possible with this illness.

I’ve been on tysabri for last 11 months and kept feeling extremely tired after each infusion of it. Till my body started getting more used to it. Better response in terms of post-drip-exhaustion each time.

Hope this helps


Hi Mary

I had my 1st infusion on 8th Feb. I agree with you 100% - I was just so done in after it. I did manage to come into work the next day - but by 10am (I start at 7am) I just had to go home. I wasnt ill I just needed to go to bed, absolutely exhausted. Luckily my boss is a good 'un!

Next infusion 7 March so will see how that one goes. Hopefully as Amr says above its just a adjustment period. Either way I will take a few days of exhaustion each month over Rebif side effects!


Everyone is different. I’ve had it cause quite bad lethargy a few times after being on it for a year. There’s someone I’ve seen on the ward a couple of times getting her infusion sleeping during it. I don’t know if it helps any you but could try that.

Keep you chin up and keep with it. As Hayley said it’s better than Rebif side effects by a country mile. I was worse with Avonex but same symptoms.

Mary for the first 2 years I was like that after every infusion I had to get someone to come with me for my infusion so they could drive me home as soon as I got into the car I just slept till I got home then slept till at least the next morning even longer sometimes now it as the oppside affect on me :slight_smile: I’m really buzzing and full of energy.

I think you’ll find a lot on Tysabri will be tired after there infusion but others can get there infusion and go to there work after.

Mark x

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry its taken me so long to reply, but as I always say, I don’t some on here that often. However, I used to get an email to tell me when someone had responded to my question/comment, this dosen’t seem to happen now. So I’m sorry I didn’t thank you guys for your responses earlier than this! I’ve been on Tysabri for nearly a year now, not really sure its made that much difference to my MS compared to others, but will keep going with it. I still get very tired after the infusion, but I guess it’s to be expected, afterall, it must have ahuge impact on the body?!

Thanks for your msg’s of support, I do appreciate them.