injecting wrong

Just accidentally injected in the wrong place by injecting into my arm muscle. In agony!is there anything I can do guys?thanks xx

Hi Miss Pitstop, I really am going to sound like a broken record. Can’t help with your muscle pain. Suggest you phone MS nurse and give her a line how injections not suiting you and ask to go onto Aubagio tablet. Hugs Mn xx

Hi miss p, Sorry I can’t help with the pain you are in either but I started on betaferon injections every other day in January and was told to not do my arms as it can be painfull. Maybe like myself stick to legs, tummy and buttocks? Hope you feel better soon, Sue x

Ive been injecting for over a year never once had this problem. Yes think I will be staying well clear of my arms from now on xx

Been there in the early days. 2 or three times I think I injected too deeply in my arm and the pain was excruciating for about an hour. Took neurofen and sat with a hot water bottle on the arm . Really helped