Increased muscle tone in arms and shoulders

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I’m on 30mg Baclofen a day that really helps with spasticity in my legs and has much improved my walking. On certain days I have a lot of discomfort from increased muscle tone up my arms and across my shoulders. I’m assuming this is just spasticity but was wondering if anyone else had similar symptoms and do you think I’m right in my assumption? Thanks

It might be simpler than that: you’re using your upper body a lot more to compensate for the deficiency in your legs. Lifting yourself out of chairs / bed / loo etc. I’m still able to do a small amount of shopping independently, using the trolley like a baby walker but holding myself up really knackers the neck & shoulders. Worth it though - it’s the best exercise I can get.

We seem to be overlapping on a number of threads and like you, I’m on 30mg Baclofen. I start the day with a 10mg tablet but follow up with 4x 5mg doses including one during the night on one of my wee-trips. Seems better to spread it. Need to be careful with Baclofen - it may reduce spasticity / rigidity but can cause weakening of leg muscles.


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my left shoulder and arm get incredibly tight. Feels like a block of wood. I am lucky enough to see a physio once a fortnight who stretches out and and loosens my stiff limb. He also gives me exercises to reduce stiffness and maintain a bit of flexibility.

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Good idea to spread it out like that. Especially on the wee break! I’ll see about splitting my 10mg tablets.