increased muscle tone and ataxia

Can anyone explain how I could have ataxia and increased muscle tone? Apparently both these things have been discovered on examination, but I have googled them and am confused. It says that ataxia is caused by poor muscle tone yet I have increased muscle tone.

Can anyone offer any explanation?

Hi I have increased muscle tone due to spasticity and ataxia has also been noted.

You can have spinal cord ataxia which is different to cerebellar ataxia. Ataxia is really clumsiness and incoordination of muscles with movement.

Increased muscle tone often goes with spasticity. Spasticity is a sign of an upper motor neuron problem, either in the cerebellum or the corticospinal tract…

Neuros often find ataxia when you do the finger to nose test or when you asked to run your heel up to your knee.

Increased tone can be found when the neuro tries to move your arm and leg and an increased resistance is found. Tapping your reflexes with a hammer will show increased reflexes and possibly clonus. Clonus are a type of muscular contractions when a neuro jerks your ankle up or sometimes they find it at my knee.

Originally I had a right sided weakness which led to spasticity. Now I have both legs and my right arm affected. I don’t have a definite diagnosis but years of being prodded and poked by Neuro’s.

Jacqui x

Hi, some things have stabalised and some things have progressed. I had two episodes of optic neuritis which then led to optic atrophy. This means I have permanant vision loss. I class this as stabalised as luckily my right eye is holding out.

My loss of mobility has progressed over the years. It started on my right side and progressed to both legs and right arm. I’ve been using a wheelchair outdoors for about eight years. In the house I furniture walk but I’m noticing a slow progression there.

Bowel and bladder problems have worsened. I also now have chewing and swallowing problems and I’m quite underweight.

Fatigue is with me daily and I’m able to do less and less. Any infection or illness floors me and can leave me bedbound.

Jacqui x


i have SpMs and recently have had an episode of roughly 3-4 months of knee jerks, mainly through the night, leaving me exhausted due to lack of sleep

these leave my knees feeling as if they have been hit by a blank of wood.

i have just weaned off Pregablin and gabapentin as they made me feel like a zombie and the side effects weren’t worth it.

could you please help…has anyone any of the same experience? Does anyone know any remedies?