incontinence pads with suprapubic

Hi all My husband has a suprapubic catheter but also wears pullup pads for faeces. His district nurse has just told us that he should be wearing the pamper type pads. Does anyone else here have a suprapubic and wear pads…if so which ones please? Caz

Could anyone help on this please?

Hi lushcaz, I’ve very recently had a S.P.C. Before that I bought my own Depend incontinence pull up pants. More convenient & can be ripped at both sides to remove. This is useful if soiled through bowel movement. They’re available & cheaper from the major on line shopping site.

Now my SPC is beginning to settle down, I find bowel incontinence is at a minimum, in fact 5 weeks clear. So just in case, I use the Tena pads supplied by my incontinence nurse.

Best wishes Chrissie

Hi Chrissie

My hubby has had the spc since 2013 however he is now bed bound and the pull-ups he wears the district nurse says shouldn’t be worn as the elastic can cause sores. They are yet to get back to me on the correct ones.


Oh dear, I’ve had a couple of issues with a local District Nurse, she doesn’t know a thing about PPMS so rattles ten to the dozen and fires questions at me. Then I forget a couple of them. She’s pretty much been twice, once after the opportunity and once to take my B.P. Not heard a thing since!

Can you ring her to ask what solution she’s come up with to help? Meanwhile the large Comfort Tens Pads are suitable. Good luck Chrissie x

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Hi Caz

I occasionally use Tena Plus Pants, which you can get from Tesco. Like the ones Chrissie mentioned, they can be ripped at the sides. But by the sounds of it that’s the type he’s been told to avoid? I just did a quick bit of googling though, and came across Lille Supreme Fit All-in-one pads. They’re re-sealable, rather than pull-ups. Is that the kind of thing you mean?


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Hi all, He used to wear Tena Flex years ago before the SPC and they were great for holding the urine, however as a carer who would have to put them on him alone when no carers it is a bit of a battle. His pads now rip at the side to remove. A District nurse is looking to come and assess him next week.