Income protection trouble

I am having alot if trouble with Aviva Insurance and their Income Protection they offer. Wondering if any one else has had a similar experience?

I actually work for a Private Medical Insurer and have worked here for 12 years.

When I joined i didn’t have MS and had income protection with the Friends Life- now bought out by AVIVA.

A few years after my diagnoses for Relapsing Remitting MS i had to reduce my full time hours to 16 hours. My income protection kicked in and my wage was ‘topped up’ by the income protection.

A few years ago I had my first child and my symptoms got worse and i wasn’t fit to work at all. After a few months of this AVIVA sent Private investigators to film me and told me I was fit enough to go back to work full time.

After a long appeal process we came to an agreement that i would try going back to my 16 hours but will be based at home not in an office. This has been going really well for me and I’ve managed to stay in work and do I job I enjoy. But now Aviva have said they have done a further medical review and will not pay me anymore Income Protection payments as they think I’m fit enough to work full time.

I have been to Occupational therapists through work and they disagree that i can work full time, my manager feels I cannot work full time, My MS nurse feels this way and so do I but they have still stopped the claim!!

Anyone else come across something similar??

get legal help.

contact your MP.

it is disgusting but quite typical of insurance policies.

I agree with Carole - get a lawyer or go to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau for advice. Also be sure to get written reports from your MS nurse, your employer, occupational therapists, your GP and neurologist if you can and send Aviva copies to substantiate your claim.

Also, ask Aviva for a copy of their medical review which states that you are able to work so that you can see on what grounds they made their judgement. This could be embarrassing for them if there is no such written report! If it does exist, question which medical experts they used to form their opinion and if they are sufficiently au fait with the symptoms and effects of MS.

As Carole said, insurance companies will always try it on so that they don’t have to pay out money, but you have an excellent case against them. After all, you’ve been paying into your policy for some time, and you don’t expect Aviva to suddenly break the contract you have with them, especially due to their ignorance and/or greed.

I wish you loads of luck - hang on in there and prepare for battle!

I’m not familiar with income protection schemes.

I would get a lawyer to write to AVIVA requesting a copy of all the reviews, reports etc they have on you. I would question the whole business of filming you - did AVIVA follow the correct protocol.

Did they request a report from your Neurologist.

Lawyers cost money but a legal letter will make the Company sit up and they can’t fob you off.

My guess is that the Insurance company has not followed correct procedures and if that’s the case there should be some compensation as well as a ‘proper’ level of top-up.