Income protection advice


I was diagnosed last summer with RRMS. Though it seems I’ve had MS for around 8 years. I have been off work since diagnosis, and once my agency sick pay ran out after one year, I began to claim on my income protection policy which I had in place prior to diagnosis. My EDDS is around 3/ 3.5, and fortunately my mobility is good for the most part. I am now at a stage where I need to either renew my sick line or decide to go back to my work in some capacity. I do not feel like I could do my job full time any longer as it is demanding and stressful and deals with child sexual abuse/ child protection, and I have foggy brain and fatigue quite often. I think my agency would allow me to return part time. My husband feels I should not return to work at all but rather continue claiming on the policy, I’ve read some posts on here where this can be quite difficult, I wonder can anyone advise on the process of being medically retired? Or accessing an income protection policy indefinitely? Or offer any advice at all?

your workplace may have an Occupational Health section.

these are the people who can help with this.

my workplace had the rule of 6 months sick leave on full pay, then 6 months on half pay.

at that point occupational health got involved.

I don’t know about your income protection policy but you could contact them and ask.

Talk to CAB. They are the most helpful in your situation. But remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Ask about ESA and PIP. I agree with your husband. Don’t worry about work.

Hi, whatever you do, DONT make the decision to leave yourself. To get the best early retirement deal, you must let them finish you. So this means you stay on the sick and you will be sent to see a doctor of their choosing, who will determine your ability to do the job you are employed to do.

After that your HR will get involved to either find you a more suitable position or terminate your employment.

I did this from my LA and it went smoothly.

Hang in there, yeh?


with apologies for being a bit blunt! - you need to become pro-active and find just how much pension you’d get if you were medically retired. You need to find out what the implication pension wise going part time would be.

What have HR said now that you’ve been off for 12 months?

I don’t know anything about income protection schemes - are they for life or do they have a time limit?

Never mind what husband wants - what do you want - perhaps you could go back full time and see how things pan out?

Don’t assume that because you have m.s. everyone will have your best interests at heart - you may have to fight for the best financial deal.