In need of help

Hi, I’m back to moan again. I’m confused Neuro told me I had MS Dec.2009 saw him April 2010 and again May 2011 when he said problems I was having with my feet were’nt typical MS and threw RSD into the works? I had been going to my Drs. for 6/7 years but they didn’t pick up on it. Now learn this isn’t unusual for Drs. not to know about it. I did ask one doctor if she’d ever heard of it she said she had but didnt know much about it. I saw another doctor who specialised in ortho muscular etc and he has referred me to a hospital that specialises with it in Bath 250 miles away. I understand there are only four centres in the country. Ive heard that its linked to MS and osteo arthritis and suffer from them both I just wondered if anyone else has sufferd with RSD and can give me any advice and tell me what to expect.

Love Yvonne

Hi Yvonne,

I don’t know your history and I’m by no means a doctor (although I wished I earned their salary…!) however what I can say is that I too have problems with my feet! There are times - more so in the morning - when they’re as stiff as a board which obviously gives me a strange looking gait - almost penguin like. Nine times out of ten this does wear off but there are times when it stays with me for a lot longer.

Interestingly before I’d even seen a neuro my GP arranged an appt for me to see a rheumatologist but before I even received a date my symptoms became more neurological in nature and so the referral was changed to see a neurologist instead. I was officially DX 6 months later.

All that said my father has RA, my mother has OA (along with a host of other health problems) my aunt had Ankylosing Spondilitis and on my fathers side of the family arthritis is rife in one form or another.

I think that there are most likely many other autoimmune conditions that are in some way linked to MS and I know there are many others here that do have other conditions as well as MS.

I know that doesn’t answer your question and I can’t offer you any advice as to what to expect either but it seems to me that lots of things are thought to be linked to MS.

Good luck - wil you let us know how you get on?

Debbie xx

Hi Yvonne.

I met someone at the last Hardest Hit march with RSD. I’m sure she said she was trying to set up some sort of support group so it might be worth hunting on the internet for something - but look for CRPS too - it’s related, or maybe even the same thing, not sure.

Karen x

Hi Debbie like you said I’m no Dr. either but have more info about arthur, another flipping pain. Have you been diagnosed, you can join a good arthur forum but you have to like lots of hug if you want to know the forum please pm me, there are a few,

Karen Thanks for that but I already found the RSD site and have to join for more info. So many things going on my head is spinning.