In limbo

I’m currently undergoing hospital tests for symptoms prior to being referred to the neurologist.

I’ve had a colonoscopy for bowel problems. I’m in the process of tests for bladder issues.

My own G.P suspects I have a neurological condition because of the other things happening as well as the toilet malfunctions.

I get pins and needles a lot. Sometimes my fingers go numb. My foot often feels really heavy and kind of numb underneath at the same time, if that makes sense!

II could easily sleep all day and ache all over.

My brain just won’t cooperate at the moment and I say some really stupid things, getting words wrong or just can’t get the right word out. It feels like I know in my head but can’t get beyond that to communicate. Other times I don’t even know in my head. My memory leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s frustrating. I feel as if people think I’m a bit slow and retarded.

I’m rather clumsy now and find I knock things, drop things etc.

II sound like a real moaner!! I’m not really. It would just be helpful to know what’s going on.

Thank you for letting me ramble on…


you sound a lot like me.

it only takes something small to knock me for six.

i was diagnosed rrms in 2008.

learn the art of patience and wait for the appointment with a neurologist.

good luck

carole x

Hi, living in limbo can make us so mixed up…not the usual me…when our bodies malfunction, we can easily fail in other areas, eg forgetting words, or using the wrong ones.

We can become clumsy and seem to have lost all previous capabilities.

Once we get a diagnosis…even quite a serious one…we can move on, with the right meds, support network and we can begin to understand why our bodies are doing certain things.

Then we have to move on…it takes time…we`ll have good and bad days…we must pace our activities and look after ourselves the best we can…ie diet, rest, etc.

Good luck with the referrals.

luv Pollx