In Limbo As MRI is Normal

Morning All.

Since Jan 2021 I have getting numbness starting in my right hand, slowly moving up the arm, down my side, and now going into my leg.

I get confused with a lot of things and can’t remember what I was going to do. Get dizzy spells, and also so clumsy and getting worse. My mood can change on sixpence and my patience can be non existent at times and getting more frequent. My right hand is noticeably getting smaller, and I wake up with days when my for arms ache and my legs as well.

I had an MRI recently and that came back normal. However I have explained my symptoms are getting worse. I have an appointment at the hospital at the start of July.

I have done loads of reading and one of the things I have read that the MRI is not always picking up lesions and not totally reliable picking up MS.

Has anyone had the same experience, and if so what was the next step please?

Thanks in advance.

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Don’t give up! Unfortunately, modern requirements demand finding lesions on MRI’s before you can get a diagnosis. I don’t know if this will work under the NHS, but see if you can get another MRI during a time period when your symptoms are at their worst or when something new comes along.

My MRI’s were clear for years, but I’d always had them a couple years after what I now know were relapses. Once I finally had one DURING a bad episode, they suddenly found both old and new lesions.


Thank you

Hi @Funkymonkey1966, NorasMom is right, don’t give up. A diagnosis to ms is and can be a long journey. The reason being in part that there are so many symptoms that appear to be ms but in actual fact are something else.
The start might be to have blood test to rule out other fatiguing illnesses and then to start logging how you feel. Sadly it may be that years down the line you may be diagnosed with ms or not. The thing is is to as things change go back to your doctor. In the meantime welcome on board, there are many on here that are in the same position ( or have been) and totally get where you are coming from.