I'm not being heard

I need help guys… I just feel like I am not being heard. Two years ago I had an episode following a relationship break up. I went to bed feeling absolutely fine no cold or cough and woke feeling incredibly cold my whole body was in spasm like I couldn’t move I had to call for help to get out of bed. This followed the next day with GP apt who confirmed there was no cold or temp and recognised I was wobbly on legs and weakness. This followed referral to MS specialist who found a small patch of inflammation but felt it was too early to definitely say was MS and we should wait and see. 2 years on last week I had a very similar episode following a period of extreme stress. This episode was is not as bad in that it hasn’t knocked me off my feet for as long as last time. My body this time feels like it has been through a boxing match it aches all over. It is worse in the morning but gets better through the day and is improving each day but last week it wiped me off my feet for two full days. There have been other symptoms. I saw my neurologist yesterday who is a different one to the one who said she identified a small patch of inflammation as I moved areas. This neurologist I felt was very condescending and not hearing me I pushed for another MRI as I know my body and I know this is not right I feel so frustrated and wondered if anyone had similar experiences Thanks


I have no similar experience, but (strangly enough) I do have an opinion!

You are the expert about how you feel. It is reasonable to make a fuss with your healthcare professionals. They will not have to live with any consequences from not doing anything. I do understand that we all think our problems / issues are the most important and some folk will make a fuss about anything.

If you feel that you are not being listened to reasonably then I suggest that you make it easier for them to listen and support rather than ignore you.

Good luck


HI sallmell ,

Hows things any advance on the docs yet ??? i can relate to what your saying , as i was originally look at in july last year 2017 . i have had various tests along the way and in a way been told i have MS and seen the scans to back it up , even seen a private doc to tell me what he thinks about the scans , some things were the same and some things not !!

so out the blue i get a call from a top london neuro hospital calling me in soon which im happy about and that i might be taken seriously , more mri scans and prooding about etc but hey as long as they give me a correct answer they can do what ever they want !!!

From july 2017 till now feb 2018 … bit of a wait and dont want to put you off but keep calling and pushing for appointments and get your GP to refer you .it can be a long process some times and annoying but keep your head up and your mind free .

But keep pushing for answers …

keep us updated … cheers .