I'm fine and home...waiting for botox to kick in

Hi gang! The procedure went well yesterday…wash out and botox into bladder. I was very surprised when the doc said there wasn’t a build of gunge in there, after all the trouble it’s given me this year.

The general anesthetic worked well, as my friend upstairs watched over me. There was a lot of blood in my wee bag…3 lots…but it’s just about clear now. Cant make an omelette without breaking eggs, can you!

It may take a few weeks for the botox to kick in, and as I had little spasm and bypass this morning, I know it aint worked yet!

The most drama was caused when I was waiting to go home. My hand cannula had been removed and suddenly started dripping with blood and a huge lump developed. I wasnt too alarmed, as I knew what it was…a hematoma! The nurse pressed hard on it and that smarted! I have a lovely bruise as a trophy today!

So there we are folks, all done and dusted!


Glad you’re feeling ok Bouds, bet you were glad of the GA!

Willowtree x

Thanks Wills…yeh, I was very glad of the GA!