I'm back... Sad, scared & unsure

Hi, I posted on here about 18 months ago when I had a singular episode. I’ve been A-OK and had rather forgotten about any looming MS until I developed some new mild symptoms a couple of months ago. I’ve now failed the foot reflex test (name escapes me), and I’m waiting for an MRI. My neuro is expecting to be able to confirm MS. It’s a buggar and out if the blue. Totally not what I was expecting. So I’m touching base and saying hi. im hoping this thing stays out of my way for many years to come! My symptoms are currently v mild (sensory only) but im sad, scared and unsure.

Hi Cydonian I know how you feel I had no symptoms only slight tingling on my left side of face. Dr first thought it was shingles told me to watch for rash… 5 days later my speech went all slurry people actually asked me is I was drunk. I ended up in A&E suspected stroke. Had a CAT scan then Dr requested a MRI. Got rushed to local hospital for further investigation. I was in for 6weeks. Ended up saying I have ADEM. I’m due back at neurologist in October for results of 2nd MRI results. What is funny about it I was working full time and very energetic before now I suffer from fatigue, memory problems,walking problems. :frowning: So I know are coming from when it comes out out of the blue. Diane x x


Sorry to hear that you have new symptoms, I hope that the MRI comes through quickly for you.

There are loads of knowledgable people on this forum who can always lend an ear and offer lots of advice.

Try to just take each day as it comes and not worry about the things you can’t control too much.

Good luck