Im asking a quick question that ive been avoiding for months


I need to put this qustion out there as I’m too afraid/scared to tell the doc.

Do I need to tell my neuro that I have 2 uncles with parkinsons…1 maternal and 1 paternal side of the family…or not relevant?

Mandymoo x

Hi Mandy,

Why are you scared to tell this?

There is no LAW that you have to tell your doctor(s) anything at all.

However, if you want them to be in the best position to help you, it’s worth mentioning any family history that could be relevant. Let them decide whether it is.

There’s absolutely no reason to be scared about telling a doctor known family health problems. They often ask anyway.

I had a distant aunt with MS, and another with Parkinsons (they were sisters). I didn’t know about the MS one 'til after I was diagnosed. But shortly after diagnosis, I was summoned to the hospital for an in-depth assessment and history taking (dunno why they left it so late).

I told about both aunties, and it was eagerly written down, so I don’t think they thought it was irrelevant!


Hi Mandymoo - I would say be honest and tell as scary it is. It will not change any potential diagnosis or make it worse. You’ve got what you’ve got and hoping you are ok Hugs Min xx