Im an emotional mess right now

Currently awaiting MRI scan results to confirm whether I have MS. Advised by radiology 2 weeks, neurologists now advising there is a backlog with radiology and it will be 6-8 weeks.

I was tested for MS around 8 years ago which was ruled out, I was subsequently diagnosed with ME.

In October 2018 I had some sort of episode where I had severe pain in my head accompanied by slurred speech and loss of function and numbness in my left arm. This episode lasted around 3 months, my gp was concerned this was MS and was either not visible when I was last tested / I was miss diagnosed.

I was finally seen by neurology in June (ironically by the doctor who tested me for MS and diagnosed ME). I was expecting him to confirm there was no chance this was MS, instead he confirmed I need to be tested again for MS.

This has been hanging over me for 10 months and the chances are I will have to wait a further 2 months. Around 6 weeks ago I started to experience constant nerve and function issues with my legs (previously it has been sporadic or when I have walked too much).

Does anyone have any recommendations for expediting this …

I am taking kalms to try and keep me balanced but it’s really getting on top of me.

There is really nothing much one can say. The wheels of NHS go round and round very slowly. I am not sure your neurologist couldnt actually read his own MRI mind you, only in the UK lol. IF you saw him privately i expect you would get to hear quickly silly me being cynical i did.

but for now worrying about it wont make it better only worse. It took me blah blah 10 years lol. not knowing. the worse thing is waiting for the results. some took 4 to 5 months to come back.

I4 does sound like your having a neurological event. I think as you have had another event you should contact your neuro perhaps this will help by bringing the results forward. good luck i know your scared. xxx

I had the same - I paid to go private in the end but then discovered that the findings of the private Dr were not transferred to my NHS notes - even though the Dr also worked for the NHS in the same department so I more or less started from scratch when I was finally seen by the NHS - it is horribly slow - and they do like to do a LOT of tests which I guess is a good thing. Good luck in your journey x


had all the test privately - The DMD drugs not available privately - so referred to NHS and the SAME specialist did all the tests again !!! 1 floor down …what a waste of money ( and time ! ) i pointed this out and they just shrugged

we have no choice but to percy vere

Hang in there and I’m sure you will get the care you deserve