Ill or MS

Does anyone else struggle to decide what is a relapse/MS symptom and what is just a “normal” illness?

hi josh

i’m afraid that my sense of normality has forsaken me.

i compare whatever symptom is bothering me to my healthy sons and husband, so general aches and pains which they get are normal.

the weird and wonderful are ms.

it isn’t a scientific way of doing it but…

carole x

What is this ‘normal’ that you speak of??? It’s a difficult one - is it a ‘normal’ illness? Is it a relapse? Is it a flare-up?? Who the hell knows?

That’s the thing I’m did ever thinking, do I just ignore this random problem in suddenly having because it’s yet another flare up or should I go to my GP and complain at him for a bit

go to your GP

don’t say that you suspect ms but insist on treatment for your symptoms.

maybe ask if it could be something neurological if you feel you must.

there are steps to a diagnosis.

your gp refers you to neurology.

you see a neurologist who may or may not do an MRI

but the main thing is to see your gp.