Quick question

Hi All,

i wondered how do you know the difference between pain and a flare? I thought I had slept funny and have a bad neck but 2weeks on I am still in quite some pain. So is it a flare or just one of those things? My GP isn’t really interested in helping me and there is a month wait for an emergency appointment with my neurologist so any ideas would be great.

Not sure if it helps but my usual symptoms are sight loss and pain and numbness on one side of body. I have been having difficulty with sight recently and being emotional and completely exhausted but thought that was just me and life lol.

Sorry for rambling but hope someone can help tell the difference?

Do you have an MS nurse? Most have a relapse clinic where they can do initial assesments of relapse or relapse like symptoms. Even if they don’t they will get back to you far more quickly than waiting for an “emergency” appointment with the neuro.

I don’t like the word “flare” because it seems to be used indiscriminately with no difference between a worsening of existing symptoms or a reappearance of symptoms that have previously remitted or completely new symptoms that have lasted for more than 48(?) hours. The first might just be a temporary aggravation of symptoms (a “pseudo relapse”) cause by an infection etc or, for people with progressive forms of MS, a progression. The last 2 could be a relapse. BUT whether I like the word or not, that doesn’t stop me from saying that you should seek treatment/advice from your MS professionals urgently.

If you have a problem with your back and shoulder it could be a direct result of MS with muscles going into spasm (like with the dreaded “MS hug”) OR the MS could be a secondary factor. The other Christmas I developed excrutiating back pain because, as my mobility worsened, I was putting strain on my spine until it just went “pop”! Ouch!!! Luckily my wonderful Osteopath sorted it out with a couple of sessions. Look after your back!


thank you for your reply. I do not yet unfortunately as my neurologist says in his words "100% you have MS but you are showing signs of another neurological condition (which he won’t name) so let’s get this sorted 1st. "

This was 2yrs ago and I have lost sight in 1 eye twice since then and have numbness and weakness on my whole left side (not too mention my bathroom issues) and he just says let’s not officially diagnose you just yet.

So im left in limbo with no info or help

I have 14 leisions on both spinal cord and brain but that’s all I know does get me down as I can’t make plans either way.


thank you how can I do that as I’m at in between diagnosis at the moment my neurologist said to call with any new symptoms and he would decide if he needs to see me but I can’t get through the secretary’s not replying or passing messages?