Ill-health pension and ESA


Does anyone know if I can claim ESA whilst receiving a (very tiny) ill-health pension?



I would say one of the rules is you must pass a low income test and be aged between 16 to 65...

If this is true then you should apply for ESA,there are two rates.

I hope this helps.


Assuming you are going for income-based, rather than contribution based, you are still allowed to claim, but I believe they will deduct the amount of your pension.

If, by any chance, you are going for contribution-based, they will ignore pension income of under £85 p.w.


You can claim ESA based on your National Insurance contributions for 12 months (unless you are in the Support group, when there is no time limit)

This contribution based ESA ignores other income except occupational pensions. The pension does no stop you claiming but might reduce the amount of money that you get. The rule is that the first £85.00 p/w is ignored. Half of what is left is deducted from your ESA. So, if you got £100 p/w pension  £7.50 would be knocked off your ESA.

After 12 months unless you are in the Support Group contribution based ESA will stop and any money coming into the household will count (including that of a working partner) If your income is over a (very low ) threshold you will get nothing.







If you want to claim ESA baised on your NI contributions it will not be affecedt  if the pension is less than £85 a week...anything more then some is deducted

If it is income related I think they deduct the whole amount??




Thanks for all your answers - I can only claim for contribution-based (as my husband works), but I stopped work a year ago after working for around 33 years.

I am been declared as not fit for work (that's why I get the pension) so hopefully they'll put me in the support group?

Do you think I'll have to have a medical?



Most of us have to attend a medical.However ahead of time get a letter from your GP,MS nurse etc all to support you to have a home medical.


I didn't have a medical but I did send all my medical letters in with the claim . I was put in the support group and I contacted them when my pension was due to start being paid. They haven't sorted the reduced amount yet and it's been over a month so I'm having to be really good as I know they'll want some money back at some stage!

Sarah x