If only they WERE taking the p***

Hello all,

I have just had yet another uti, and as my MS nurse had advised that I have another test to check that all the infection has gone, I went to the surgery to request another sample pot. The Medusa behind the counter sort of threw a pot in my general direction, looking skyward. She then announced that this second sample will be sent to my MS nurse to do the deed, as there was “no nurse available” on that day. This comes after I had to remind the dimwits twice to test that first sample, because my MS symptoms were getting worse but they didn’t bother to test it. This is not the first time that this has happened as I usually seem to be treated this way.

But my question is that I was wondering if anyone out there knew of a testing kit that I could use so that I can do it myself as my own samples seem to be so abhorrent to our local limb of the NHS?

Thank you to anyone who has any information,

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I get these ones: Siemens Multistix G.P. x 25 | MidMeds and my GP allows me to keep spare antibiotics in case nitrites show up.


Hello. Rabbitfan I have bought the test strips of the Internet before, I bought them when my little girl kept getting UTIs, I just googled urine test strips and found several companies on line that sell them. I can not rember the site I bought them off, I will try and find it then give you the web address, are we allowed to do this or do I need to PM it due to rules? Ppx

Just to add further you need to make sure that you get the right ones, make sure that the strips test for nitrites as this is the main indication of an infection. There is also a good artical online published in the Nursing Standard on the most effective way to read an interprate the strip. Hope this helps Ppx


Will MS nurses let you do this and relay the info yourself? Cause Im suppose to take a sample to the doc and im having a night time a) getting there… and b) remembering when im actually there!!

As far as I’m concerned it is between me and my GP. I don’t even put in a sample and only see him if the first lot of ‘spare’ antibiotics don’t seem to be working.


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Hello Polly, Val, Liz and Mrs. P,

Thank you very much for your replies. I have now ordered two packs of twenty or so, and this comes to £27.47 with p&p which isn’t so very bad. I’m afraid (Mrs.P) that I have no intention of telling any medic that I am going to do these dips myself. But when I know that I have an infection, only then will I ask the powers that be for a test. I am just so fed up with our village surgery despising all ill people, and I hope that these dips might obviate me having to go there. Last week I saw a sign in the surgery saying that members of staff refuse to speak to aggressive patients and that such people will no longer be treated, but all the people I see are very mild. Hmmm

Thanks again, Moira

It is the surgery receptionists that are ‘aggressive’ but we have to speak to them. urg !!!

Lynne xx