dip sticks

Wondering if any one uses these to check for UTI, I looking at buying some and wondered which brands best. Any help please

You do know you could get a sterile swab for free from the hospital.??? Jeeez don’t stick anything up there than ain’t sterile! Your more likely to give yourself a UTI that way!!!


you don’t insert the dip stick into your anatomy, you dip it into your urine to test for a UTI.


Oh dear sounds painful…

i don’t intend sticking in anywhere but in the jar I’ve peed in… lol


I was wondering the same question jacky. I ended up in casualty and admitted to a ward a few weeks ago. I had a uti as well as a chest infection. This exacerbated my ms symptoms and rendered me completely immobile. I was asymptomatic. This week I felt it was happening again. Apart from backache in the morning, I had no problems. Decided to leave a sample with the gp today. No appointment. She dipped it when she had time. Yes I have a uti. Prescription at reception and already being taken. Might have been a repeat of last time!

A sterile one Jacky… Or just wee on it.

This is a link to a thread I posted some time ago about how to self test your wee for UTIs.

​I hope it’s useful.


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I use the same as Sue, Siemens urinalysis test strips and you can buy them on amazon or ebay. Its very easy to check.

I have a routine with my nurse at surgery, she gives me so many bottles and if i think its a possible infection i send a sample down. Sometimes its negative but mostly positive. As I take a maintenance dose of antibiotics she tells me to double up for 3 days, if i am low she puts up a prescription.

It has worked brilliantly for several years now. So far my infections have been cut down and also i have had to worry her less, and myself.

Like sue said sometimes you get a mild discolour on leucytes but i find it happens if i am overly tired or hot or haven’t drank enough.

I think its a really good way to deal with it. it works for me.

Im not so convinced thou re testing TBH. I had pins & needles in legs, went to GP, they lost sample (my typical luck with MS so far, dont get me started on lost results) and so I went to MS Nurse, she tested it & it was positive but when it was sent to the lab for the correct antibiotic it was negative. So Im not sure if I should waste my time. So confusing, and not knowing what to do…

That’s a really good point about heat causing the leucocytes to show up CC. I hadn’t actually thought about that. Makes it even more important to drink lots of water in hot weather as we’ve mostly had for the last few weeks.


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