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Hello, hopefully not too ambiguous a title, I can just imagine the responses on a much used Caravan forum!! Anyway to the point, though it may ramble a bit and end up not having a point at all, but if you have the patience to read it you may be able to throw some thoughts out at me.

Oct 2012 Started having stomach problems, such as loss of appetite, feeling sick, bloated, windy, full up, bowels doing their own thing and generally not a happy bunny. (hold on to this as I’ll be coming back to it) Endoscopy and CT scan booked.

Oct 2012 Started having pins and needles in my left arm, hand and fingers. Progressed to funny sensations, weakness and pain shooting through. (Tested for Carpal Tunnel - negative) (booked for MRI)

Feb 2012 No improvement in my arm and hand, sold manual car, bought auto and steering knob for my right hand, started having issues with extreme tiredness, legs aching and feeling like they were buzzing, finding it more and more difficult to walk. (GP booked Neuro appt and chased up MRI brain and C-spine)

Looked at my history and curent symptoms, age about 20 (20 years ago) had a lot of problems with blurred vision at times, opthalmology consultant ordered an MRI as she was concerned about early signs of MS. At the time she said you’ve got four lesions and unless you have 10 we can’t dignose MS. Have coped perfectly well sight wise ever since with prisms etc in lenses.

Feb-Mar 2012 Legs have got worse and have got to go in a wheelchair for any distance or scooter for things like the weekly shop. Legs now have quite alarming strong spasms at times, feel very tight and buzzy all the time and I now struggle with the stairs, especially when tired.

MRI results have shown brain in working order and all okay (condradiction to last MRI 20 years ago) and issues around C6/7 that explains the neck and head discomfort and the arm problems.

Neuro appt next month and GP booking an MRI of rest of spine to hopefully speed things along a bit.

Went for a Gastro appointment yesterday, discussing test results and symptoms as well as wider symptoms that were asked for. Consultatnt asked if had MRI done yet as he strongly believes I probably have MS and that it would link in with my digestive issues too. Ordered more yucky tummy tests as well!! Wants to see me again after neuro.

Anyway won’t bore everyone with the full symptom list, MS due to eyes going back in time has been at the top of our suspect list and wobbly times on and off over the last 20 years. Due to the strength of my reflexes and how they behave MND also joined the list. GP feels with MRI results that MND is pretty much off the list (BIG PHEW) and still thinks it unlikely to be MS. My confusion and possibly the point of the ramble is that whilst I hope GP is right and good that brain MRI was good result we were taken a back when stomach chap is suggesting MS without the full symptom list. Also all well and good pootling off to see Neuro but what if nothing showing up further down spine and I still struggle to get about??

Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ve stayed awake!!

Hi Martin, and welcome to the site :slight_smile:

If I were you, I think I would be checking that the old MRI and the new MRI are absolutely definitely both of you. I know this sounds crazy, but it does happen. It would be a fair bit of running around to get hold of copies of both set of images yourself (you need to compare the actual images, not just the reports or other paperwork) so it’s probably something for you to suggest to the GP. (Can you remember where you had the old MRI done? They will hopefully still have it on file.)

If both MRIs are of you, the fact that the four lesions disappeared might suggest that they were due to a virus or infection from which you recovered successfully and that your more recent symptoms are unrelated. It is possible for MS lesions to resolve, but it would be incredibly unusual for all four to disappear and yet no new ones form so I would be astonished if everything were MS.

There are a number of non-MS conditions that could explain your symptoms, some of which are genetic. Is there a family history of neurological or neuromuscular problems (the individuals may not have been diagnosed (or have been misdiagnosed!))?

Other than that, I’m afraid I would just be guessing and that’s not a great idea!

Hopefully the spinal MRI will provide more info and that the neuro will have some good ideas.

Let us know?

Karen x

Thank you for that. I’ll look into it after April’s appointment if necessary!