I was diagnosed monday with ms via 2 mri's and a lumbar puncture but neurologist only put me on 5 days of steroids...but these dont stop progession so why only steroids?

After 9 months of ignoring symtoms i finally got help and saw neurologist who originally diagnosed me with pppd …i then had mri abd 2nd mri including spine the second time …i saw my neurologist monday abd he was very apologetic about his orginal diagnosis…i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis…
He put me on a high dose of stetiods because he said i was having a flare …but i explained id been having these symptoms 9 months…but gave me steriods anyway…im wirried because hes prescribed me nothing to slow this down and my second mri already showed more lesions then the firsr just 4 month’s ago so im scared the steriods will help for now but not long term :disappointed:

You are right that steroids are a short term measure to speed your recovery but that they do not improve where you get back to.
The Disease Modifying Therapies normally take some time before presciption while they assess the

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They do take their time to make the decision on what it is appropriate to offer you.
Take some time to look at the MS Society and MS Trust websites. It will take some time to get your head round the options but they will vary on your own preferences and what type and severity of MS you have.
It is a long journey not a quick fix.

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They call it “watchful waiting”, also known as wait-and-see.

They possibly can’t offer you a DMT until they get another MRI which confirms progression. The first two MRI’s are too close together and at this point merely point to the presence of lesions. The next one needs to show more lesions for progression to be determined.

This is flawed logic: they are waiting for you to get worse before trying to make you better. This is particularly acute for those with “smouldering MS” or NEIDA. Disease is clearly worsening but No Evidence of Inflammatory Disease Activity suggests otherwise. Clearly, those of us whose bodies are falling apart are inclined to side with the symptoms.

It’s very frustrating. You’ve been experiencing the symptoms for months or years whereas to your MS team, it’s a new situation. They deal in scientific facts, not your “heresay”. It’s very condescending but you can see their point.


I would just ask the Neurologist what happens next and when do i get a Disease Modifying Drug