I used to be able to run

Hi everyone Don’t you find that sometimes it hits you all of a sudden what you have lost? I was just thinking about my 17-year-old running to catch the train on time to get to college and it made me remember doing the same thing. But it seems such a distant memory as if it were someone else! Ho hum those were the days! Yours sadly Teresa xx

Oh yes - I find this disease very frustrating, I can’t remember the last time I ran. You just keep plodding along with life (no pun intended) and all of a sudden you realise that another bit of you has been chipped away without you realising. I hate this disease, and I absolutely detest that it is stealing parts of me no matter what I try to do to stop it.

Luisa x

Yes me too, every year i loose something, that most people take for granted,just lately it gets me down that on a weekend, i could go out and enjoy myself,have a meal, a few drinks, go shopping etc, everything is so much harder now,and i know we should be thankful for waht we still can do (which in my case is very little) but when you stop to really think about what you have lost it hurts like hell.

jaki xx

Sadly, I know exactly what you mean. (Funnily enough, my 16yo is currently charging about the house gathering his college stuff together, about to have to run for the train so he’s not late :-))

Saying that, I look back on some things in my past and am very glad I’m not like that any more! E.g. I was a complete workaholic pre-MS, and I will always be grateful for having my eyes opened to what’s most important in life.

I really miss dancing though

Karen x

I really miss having the energy to take and pick my youngest up from school (he is only 9) and go on all the school trips with him like i used to.

Also I miss taking my dog out for long walks like I used to we used to walk about 5 miles a day but she is lucky if i can make it round the block now.

Allie xxx

Hi Karen My son is in fact 17 next Friday and getting driving lessons as his present. Help! But seriously, when he’s qualified I’m counting on him chauffeuring his mum around everywhere. Although insurance is so expensive for teenagers we may not be able to afford let him drive either car! I really miss just taking my body for granted like you do when you haven’t a care in the world. Teresa xx

Hello Teresa, I now how you feel. I used to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. A few months before I was dianosed I noticed that when I was on the treadmill my left leg would refuse to move whilst I was running & this would make me lose balance & trip. As I used to run at least 3 times a week for one hour this was very upsetting. I was that obsessed with jogging I used to jog outside on christmas day when all the gyms were closed, people driving past me looked at me as if hey were thinking " How sad can’t she have one day off"? Now not being able to run is the least of my problems.


I miss being able to do the same with my now 9 year old too, used to be able to walk to school, there and back with her. Have even had someone make a comment about it and also had a woman ask me rudely if there was somethin wrong with my arms as i allowed a cashier, in supermarket, to help me pack my bags. Actually should stop now there is no end to people’s ignorance about ms!x

I know what you mean lemon cupcake! I am fed up with people rudely walking straight at me when I use my stick and expecting me to stand aside for them! Loads do this and I feel like tripping them up with my stick when they do it! Teresa xx

I’ve had this happen too! My daughter hates me using my stick, because her friends ask ‘what’s wrong with ur mum’s leg?’ or maybe she’s embarassed by it, hmm not sure! x

Trip the buggers up! I hate it when i want to sit down on a bus and people look at me like shit when i ask to. I don’t have a stick and i guess i may just look like i am drunk but all the same…

Oops. May have let a little swear word out… I meant to say “Trip the bleeders up”

Kate, it’s a great reason to get a stick!

Pat x

…1,2,…7,8…I agree with and recognise all of the stories here. The first clear sign that made me decide to visit the doctor’s (although I must have had relapses in the very past as I concluded after diagnosis in 2003) was after my legs ‘went’ on a treadmill, just like you Sylvia.

I have a daughter with severe learning dfifficulties, and I am not always able to keep ‘my cool’ when fatigued. My ten year old son loves his football, but I am not able to play the ‘noble game’ with him… Those are the things I really really miss! Not to forget about having a job! Being treated like an idiot because of mobility issues/ cognitive issues in spite of trying very hard (although this is of course not being acknowledged) also creates a lot of anger!

But… at least we are (still) all together as a family, mainly because of my wife (who has/ had her own medical hurdles) and I could not be more grateful for that, as I hear/ read some sad stories at times…

All the best to you all, thank you for sharing experiences.


This disease is cruel, keeps chipping away and taking things sometimes without you realising straight away.

Its too long ago to remember running or walking in high heels (oh how I miss my high heels), taking my dog, driving, oh loads of things. I could go on but it makes me sound like a right wuss, sorry.

I do try to concentrate on what I can do, instead of what I cant, but I could still scream from the top of the mountain, if only I could get up there!

Take care everyone.


I know the feeling Kate! Perhaps people did have a reason in the past after me ‘testing’ the latest beers and licquers (…) but as this is no longer the case, mainly because of irrigation problems, then it certainly makes you feel uncomfortable.

How do you manage to get your kids to school if you can’t take them? I am so worried about this, as mine are only little and I don’t have anyone to help me, I can’t imagine what I’d do.

I have recently had this problem Amy. My poor husband who works nights as a journalist in London has to get up halfway through his sleep cycle to take my 6-year-old to school. I hate it for him and not to take my son anymore is horrible but I really can’t do it. We live at the top of a steep hill and it has now totally defeated me. I hope you find someone to help - perhaps another mum? Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa, I’m fine doing it just now, I do worry what the future holds. Thankfully we live very close to the school and I do enjoy getting our for the exercise just now.

Yes I also live close to the school and would love to take my son as I have completely lost touch with the school community, a school I taught in as a supply teacher for several years! However, I just can’t get my legs to go up and down that hill, I also had to give up the supply for the same reason. Teresa xx