I never knew that!......not ms

Well, I never knew,and maybe you don’t either (or it may just in fact be me)lol, if you have a look at your cling film and foil boxes there is a tab (one at each end, obviously, if you push them in, they hold the roll so that you can actually pull your foil/film and use the serated edge, rather than trying to cut foil and having the cling film just stick to itself…you learn something everyday! Alison x

I never knew that either!!! I bet it says this on the box as well?? I just rip into it normally…

Going to look at my foil now lol X

Well I feel like I have been robbed… There are no tabs on my foil box, I put my glasses on and tipped the box all ways… No tabs for me :-(( X

What make of cling film / foil do you have? I have no tabs on mine either :frowning:

Hayley, well my box does say ‘push here’…doesn’t say why though!,they really needs to say why.found the info on youtube,can’t even remember how thoug…of course hubby now thinks it’s something only I knew and have been keeping from him! lol Tilly, some of my stuff doesn’t have them either,but I shall be checking any more as it’s very,very useful!..feel quite cheated myself, thinking about how much wasted stuck together cling film I’ve binned over the years!

Aldi and some from Lakeland, only just discovered this tip via youtube! oh and one for when frying eggs, if you don’t have any rings you can use an onion ring - never thought of that either!

Well - lts never too late to learn - mine are Tesco’s - and yes in clear print it says about the tabs!!!

Thank you so much.

Frying eggs - l have a ‘ceramic’ frying pan - brilliant. lt works well on my induction hob - need no oil - but l do put the lid on and it cooks the eggs to perfection. Only needs a wipe with kitchen roll to clean. Never put a hot pan in cold water as it causes it to warp and the non-stick surface to deteriorate.

Husbands just come in - so l told him about the ‘tabs’ - as he is always wrestling with the cling-film and usually ends up with the box all torn and the cling film in a mess.

Right now - he is trying to find the end of the sellotape!!! - Why he cant just turn back the end after using it.


Grrrrrjust got my tesco foil out again, spent ages checking the box… Mine doesn’t have any instructions re tabs, nor dos it have tabs. Wait till I go back, I’ll complain. Lol XX

Maybe it’s a new innovation? I certainly never knew but then again can’t say I never looked either,lol, I was thinking of somehow fastening a dowel in the drawer as it is a real pain

Maude, it’s such a simple yet great idea, I’ll make sure other box’s I purchase have the tabs lol Lynn x

lts printed twice very clearly on my Tesco cling film. OH’s struggle with the sellotape, was so he could repair the cling film box, so that now the end tabs are pressed in.

Another thing he does is the Sarsons vinegar bottle - he unscrews the top - when you just have to lift the top lip to uncover the special pourer. Then of course his vinegar sloshes out instead of a gentle trickle.

Another tip - l never have trouble undoing jars. A sharp tap on the edge of the lid onto the worksurface - turn it 180 degrees and tap again on the edge of the lid - and voila! the lid opens easily. Do be careful as sometimes the lid comes off easier then you thought.

Now - any tips on opening those pesky little sugar/sauce packets you get at cafes. l know its more hygenic then having a bowl of sugar etc for ‘communal use’. l have ended up trying to open them with my teeth - not nice when it is the mustard!

Yep, I know about tapping the jar, hubby seedmed very surprised, we were watching the bake off an I was shouting at Paul Hollywood,tap it on the edge,hubby is very heavy handed and if I said tap, he would take that to mean bang,as hard as you can! he does slice the tops off champagne bottles though…not often, we don’t sit here sipping champagne every day! lol

Spacejacket… I have a tiny pair of scissors that are a key ring … Handy for those little packets when out and about Lynn x

Here’s the ones I have , but you can get them for about 99p SciXors - Scissor Keyring - IWOOT UK

Yep, tabs on both waitrose and co op. Most exciting thing I’ve done all day!

Lynn, you have just reminded me that somewhere I have a pair of folding scissors,probably from a sewing kit,will have to take them with me.


Lynn, you have just reminded me that somewhere I have a pair of folding scissors,probably from a sewing kit,will have to take them with me.

[/quote] Hmmm I can be useful at times lol Lynn x

I thought everyone knew about those serrated metal strips on the cling-film and foil boxes - seems I was wrong!
However, if you want to us them (I never do), watch out. If your hand slips, they are sharp! (Blood Blood, drip drip)

As for those annoying tubes of sugar …
Hold a tube by one end, shake it a few times to move all the sugar down, and then tear that end off (fingers and thumbs, so that the thumbnails do the cutting), With practice, you can open four tubes at once.