i know i have ms

I was playing golf 7 years ago after finishing a night shift, gradually my left leg got weaker. I could not finish the tournament i was playing, went back home and had a doctors appointment straight away. He told me to go to hospital where i spent a week in. I had a lumber punture, mri scan and numeous blood tests. I had another test 3 months later, forgot what it is called. The one where you stare at a sguare whilst wearing a cap with wires. I was then diagnosed another 3 months later by my neuro with ms. I have had another 3 mri scans since.

I cannot understand why people i know think that i do not have ms. I have always worked hard, mainly physical work in factories but i have not been able too since 2010. I think that they are just jealous! of my good looks.


Sorry you have MS Chris. People don’t know I’ve got it unless I tell them! At least it will never affect your good looks eh? Every cloud…!

Take care of you! x

Probably because you lookso well Chris! ;-D I think you may be on to something though, maybe only gorgeous people get it, lol!

Mags xx

lol,yes i agree with mags only good looking people get MS !!! x

Completely agree. I must come from a very good looking family as Im the 5th member on my moms side to have it! People stereotype what people with an illness should be like. My mom has had people having a go at her on supermarket car parks for parking in disabled because she can walk even though she displays a blue badge (i guess they just assume she is nicking the spaces without looking to see if she has a badge). Some people ay!!

Hi Chris , lots of people go into denial when it comes to a diagnosis . My family immediately said ‘no docs are wrong, its something else’. You can kind of understand because people close to you don’t want you to have ms (im not saying that you do). Give tgem a bit of time abd explain that you need tgem to accept it. Another factor is that because its unseen most of the time, people will assume you feel fine, I find this highly annoying! They have NOOOO idea. Take care Rach