I knew I wasn't right

I have only been diagnosed on the 15th of December and although I had a number of symptoms and I been told that my mylene sheath was broken, I still wasn’t ready to hear that I have MS. I still need further tests to see if I’m progressive or relapsing and where I go from there. To be honest with you I didn’t want to find anything out at all. I’m still in the panic phase but I’m sure that will pass in time. Thanks for reading

Hope you have some people around you to give you lots of support (and treats) at the moment. It will take time to process everything but things will settle down and you will find a way through. It is great you are posting here, as there are all sorts of people who are on similar journeys and know your feelings very well.

Hi Terre

Having a diagnosis of MS is never easy to come to terms with. You’ll perhaps find you go through all kinds of emotions, from panic, to furious anger (of the ‘why me’ variety), and on to feeling very low and down cast. Some people make it all the way through to acceptance. Other people never do. I’m more of the ‘why the hell’, and ‘what the hell’ type of person.

I don’t think you’re likely to have tests to establish what type of MS you have. Basically, MS is MS; while there are essentially two types at diagnosis, either relapsing remitting or progressive, it’s not always clinically possible to identify which you have. So in the first place, most people are diagnosed with RRMS, and given that something like 85% of people do start out with RR, that’s the most likely.

And the good thing about RR, is that you can be prescribed disease modifying drugs (DMDs) to reduce the number and severity of relapses.

The MS Trust have a webpage full of information for the newly diagnosed: You may find some useful information on there.

Best of luck.