I have no one to talk to about this.

Hi all
I hope you will forgive me for sounding like I feel sorry for myself ( I promise you I don’t ), but I am soooooooooooo cheesed off about everything at the moment and there is no one that I can talk to about it.
Some time ago I posted on the old site that I had been to see a GP about possibly giving me more pain killers as the pain was getting worse ( this was not my own GP that I saw on this occasion ), but instead she told me to take Paracetamol and told me to stop taking the Gabapentin and she asked me to have some blood tests done.
When I went back to see her about the results of the blood test she said I was going through the menopause and she did not believe that I have MS and she wanted me to see the Neurologist (not seen him for 3 years) which I agreed to.
You can imagine I was totally gob smacked and when I came out of there I couldn’t think of anything else except every one would think that I had lied to them about having MS and also if it isn’t MS then what on earth can be causing all of these awful symptoms.
I couldn’t even speak to my o/h when I got in the car.
Anyway I told my MS nurse and she agreed as I did, that it would be a good idea to see the Neurologist anyway, but in the meantime I went to see my own GP who put me back on the Gabapentin. My GP also apologised for the other GP.
Several weeks later O/h ended up with an awful rash down the side of his neck/head and he went to the Drs. and as this particular Dr. was newly qualified he asked a colleague to give there opinion and it happened to be the GP that said I she didn’t think I have MS.
They decided that O/h had impetigo so they gave him some antibiotics.
2 days later the rash etc. was so bad another GP sent him to the hospital where they took swabs and put him on antiviral capsules. We found out that it was shingles he had and now several times a day since the rash has gone the poor thing i in agony with after shingles pain. He hasn’t been able to shave for the last three weeks so now has a beard ( which I quite like ) but we are getting married in 4 weeks time and I feel so sorry for him as he is not used to pain and he is starting to get depressed, he is not the same person any more I cannot even give him a cuddle. He has to go in peoples houses for his job ( gas engineer ) and it can be difficult as we don’t know when these waves of pain in his ear and face are going to happen.
As for me, I saw Neuro and he wants me to have another MRI to see if I have more lesions so I have to wait longer to see if I am a liar or not.
I am so sorry to go on like this, but I feel it should be a happy time.
Jaycie x

Poor You, You are having a bad time at the moment. Some GP’s are useless when it comes to MS as its so different for each person. I saw a new one at my practise and had to tell her what to do when I was having a relapse!!
I hope your OH is beginning to feel better, I’ve had shingles too, luckily only mildly but that was enough!!
Going for a new MRI is good news hopefully it won’t show up too many new lesions.
Good luck
Jess x

Hello Jaycee, my word indeed! YOU ARE NOT A LIAR!

Ive had just the same feelings of utter turmoil, after being told I had 95% PPMS for 12 years, then a waste of space neuro said I had HSP.....a rare genetic condition, which has a 50% chance of ones offspring getting it. I felt a liar too, and dirty and cruel to my kids.

BUT, a year later, another neuro said I didn`t have HSP, but highly probable PPMS! Goodness knows how much this can cause someone to go over the edge, eh?

And now your poor fella has been a victim of a mis-diagnosis. If shingles is caught early, all the associated pain may not happen.

I am so sorry for you both, but hope you can get past this awful time and have a wonderful wedding day. Bless you both!

luv Pollx

The GP sounds like a complete prat. She had no right to undiagnose you. She is not a qualified neuro. And neurogenic pain does NOT respond to paracetomol so she is an idiot for taking you off that too. ⊙_☉

And the fact that she can’t tell school sores from shingles (OMG :!: :!: :!: ) is further proof of her incompetence. I’d make a complaint to the medical centre’s management if I were you.

Don’t give the “not having MS” another thought. The neuro diagnosed you for good reason and as many of us know, it is not that easy to diagnose. They don’t hand out MS diagnoses like Smarties; they have to be VERY, VERY sure before they make the clinical announcement.

I am so sorry you have had this experience. There are sadly some real idiots in the medical field.


Belinda ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

What a blinking eeeedjitt that numpty of a GP is; since when can generalists diagnose MS?! :evil: Please refuse to be seen by this nincompoop ever again and hopefully when you tell your neuro why you’re back in his office he’ll give your surgery a blast with both barrels.
Which is what your OH should do as well; shingles - that is something a GP should be able to recognise! You should both lodge a complaint with the practice manager; at least then they’ll know you’re unhappy bunnies. You never know maybe they are just waiting for that final complaint to bin this shabby excuse for a GP!
I hope your OH gets better soon

Thank you so much for your replies and sorry to have gone on and on.
Jaycie x

hi jaycie,
i’m sorry that you’re both having such a rough time of it at the mo’, especially in the run up to your wedding. this is exactly where you can get your problems off your chest, there’s ALWAYS lots of other MSers who ‘get it’, seemingly whatever the subject! my worst (but not only) doctor incident was when i told one that my worst MS symptom was pain and she said ‘pain isn’t a symptom associated with MS…’, AAAAARRRGH! some doctors are complete (i’ll save the mods the job of deleting this word), and appear to have sent off in the post for their qualifications, thank god for the great ones!

i really hope that your wedding is fabulous and that you both have the best day ever. take care and tell your O/H to rest whenever possible, for his shingles, as you should too.

wendy x

Thank you so much Wendy.
My worst symptom is also pain and I was told that this is not a normal symptom of MS, in fact I posted on the old site asking who had pain as their main and worst symptom.
Jaycie x x

What a useless GP!
Where did she study? Correspondence, part time whilst working in the local dog food factory.
If pain is not a feature of MS there are a lot of people who visit these boards who have very vivid imaginations.
I am really sorry your OH is suffering, shingles is miserable but it will pass - eventually. As for yourself, it’s not as though you WANT to have MS but you must stop thinking of yourself as a liar right this minute. I wouldn’t give a second thought to what this twit has told you. If MS were so easy to diagnose (by eye - no MRI, no lumbar puncture, no VIR) there wouldn’t be any members “in limbo” Hope the neuro will set you straight – I’d love to set your GP straight; straight back to medical school.


Good grief ! Where did that GP get her qualifications from,a lucky bag? For now put that visit out of your mind and concentrate on your wedding and your fiance’s recovery,poor man shingles is awful and I hope he starts to feel better soon. Tell your neuro everything and let him deal with it,you are not a liar,you are not a liar,you just saw a useless GP.

Try to relax and think about your wedding and honeymoon,nice relaxing,happy thoughts.Take care sweetheart,xxjo

You’re going to have to imagine me sitting with my mouth agape…



FFS :!: :!: :!:

I agree with everyone else. Make sure your neuro knows what this GP said - hopefully he’ll kick up a fuss. And please put in a complaint. No way should she be getting away with this! Give PALS a ring if you’re not sure what to do.

Your soon to be hubby needs neuropathic painkillers for his shingles pain - ordinary ones won’t touch it :frowning: Perhaps a decent GP at your surgery would help?

I hope it all gets better very soon and you can both have a fab wedding day.

Karen x

So sorry you are having such a horrible time. I have nothing to add to all the excellent replies except to say I enjoyed reading them and hope that they have reassured you a little. Stay strong!


om gosh x big hug to you so sad to hear of your experiance.
my doctor sounds very simerlar to this person telling you that. just stick to what you feel is right its yourbody and these are only people. they may have a medical qualification but they are still fallible and make mistakes.
i hope your result with the mri goes ok for you.
also sorry to hear of what your husband went through hope he feel better very soon.
keep us posted x bfn x caz