I don't understand

I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year where I was numb down the entire left hand side of body. I had the steriod infusion and recovered well.

I have been walking my daughter to school which is a 5min walk there and back, im 37 btw and I’ve been feeling exhausted. Aches and pains not only in my legs but all over my body, I don’t understand this. I’ve had to rest in bed for hours everyday. How can this be? I’m only in the early stages of the illness.

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.

There is no “early stages” assuming you have RRMS. My worst symptoms were last year, just before I was diagnosed. Unfortunately MS doesn’t really follow a schedule. I’m so fortunate not to have fatigue but I do get various aches and pains and tingles which come and go. My sight is affected and I also have numbness in one leg which has been there almost a year. I also had numbness in my arm which went after steroid treatment.

I’m 30 so age seems to also not really be a factor either. It’s a symptom but maybe your MS nurse could give you some advice or other people on here who suffer from fatigue could give you some pointers on how to manage the symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon.

are you taking any neuropathic pain killers?

i take gabapentin, tizanidine and amitriptyline.

still have aches and pains but that could be due to my advancing years.

your gp could prescribe these for you

carole x

Hi Oceanblue

I’m 35 and have RRMS. I had the worst symptoms in the six months following diagnosis, which was 3 1/2 years ago.

The full body pain, and the fatigue I had sound similar to what you’re currently experiencing. I was (and still am) working full-time and it freaked me out to a great extent.

If it helps, getting “to know” how the MS affects you, and how to be good to yourself (when fatigue hits: rest; if you’re in pain: take a pill; if you’re freaked out: have a good cry) helps, and this comes with time.

If you’ve only just started taking medication specifically for the MS, you may find it takes time for your body (and mind) to settle down. It’s hard knowing you have a condition that no-one can predict the course of, or how it will affect you in particular.

Take care, I hope your fatigue and pain ease off really soon.

Maria :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. My doctor didn’t prescribe me any pain killers, he prescribed Naproxen which is an inflammatory. I still ache all over and I haven’t been doing much at all. Thanks for replying. x


I’m no expert but I’m surprised at your doctor prescribing Naproxen which as you say is anti-inflammatory. It won’t help you if it’s nerve pain. All it will do is hurt your stomach. Horrible stuff! I take Gabapentin which helps me with pain.

Hope you feel better soon


Hi Oceanblue

the damage you had earlier in the year can go on ‘healing’ for some time. The spinal cord is just the thickness of your thumb and in this heat or when you have a core body temperature rise such as an infection or monthly hormones the spinal cord expands a little. This expansion causes ms symptoms to increase. It’s not necessaroly new activity it’s just that the signals get more mixed up than usual, beacuse you have scarring on the spinal cord. Try to stay cool, drink plenty and rest any time you want to.

if pain continues there will be drugs the doctor can give you. If fatigue continues I like l-carnitine, which is an amino acid, helps me when Ive needed it.

Take care

K x

Thanks. I’ve had to drive my daughter to school, it seems silly but it’s helped plus with the air conditioning. My neuro did prescribe me some pills called Modafinil for fatigue only I had to stop them because they kept me awake during the night. I’ve been resting a lot and drinking lots of water. I’m still confused about the prescription of DMD’s. I haven’t been prescribed them and I do worry when and how my next relapse will affect me. Thanks for your replies xx (paragraphs aren’t working btw).