I don't understand why?

I’m undiagnosed but the attack I had nearly two years ago left me with some issues with my speech, sometimes can’t pronounce words properly and my sentences don’t flow well when telling long stories. But for the last couple of days my speech had been really good to the point where I feel confident to open my mouth now. The rhythm, speed & pronouncing words is better. How can this be, I don’t understand? I’ve had no more extra sleep etc. why can’t it stay like this.

Let`s hope it will. As you are without a diagnosis, you cant know what caused the attack, eh?

Any other problems?


Hi, like you I have problems sometimes with my speech, at work one of the guys said he noticed that my speech was slurred some of the times, my MS has also noticed it and said that it was MS related, like you sometimes I don’t like to join in conversations as I am aware of the slurring and the worst is when I just can’t seem to get the words out properly Take care hopefully you will get to see a neuro very soon x

Thank you for your replies. I went back to see my neuro and he said that’s its from the attack I had nearly 2 years ago. He said that heat or not being hydrated enough can make it worse or noticeable. But I’m still not diagnosed with ms! Apparently the attack was in that particular area.

Oh right. We are learning all the time, eh?