I don’t feel my workplace takes my MS diagnosis seriously

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. My work has become more and more difficult for me to achieve as my job is very physical. In the last few years of diagnosis, I have had three relapses and things are only getting harder.

I have had several occupational health reports and doctor’s letters for my work place telling my employer that I can only do certain work, like working office based rather than working in an environment where I am moving around a lot and more physical.

My employer seems to be totally dismissing this advice and the occupational health advice also not replying to emails about adjustment to my work.

I am currently off work at this moment in time due to a third relapse and awaiting new medication to be prescribed.

If anyone has any advice on what I should do it would be greatly appreciated - as I feel my workplace not taking my situation seriously is making things worse for me with the work I am expected to do and this is also starting to affect my mental health and stressing me out.

Afternoon, are you a member of a union? Union reps know the law regarding MS in the work place and should be able to help and assist.

I’m not 100% sure but I think there might be a legal obligation on employers to make ‘reasonable’ adjustments. Have you tried the MS Society Help Line ( contact details on the website)