I cant seem to get my GP to listen to me.

Hi, My name is Michelle and I am 54 years old and this is the very first time I have posted on this site… For years now I have been suffering from low back pain,Osteo arthritis, terrible migraines, buzzing in the soles of my feet like I am walking on little bees, I have head sweats at night and am constantly tripping or falling over which has caused me to have a meniscal tear and other problems with my knee. I have numbness in my big toe and second toe on my right foot and top off the foot and have a numb area just below my knee, I lose the power in my fingers and dont seem to have much strength in them. I also have been suffering from depression for years and feel so tired and take lots of different meds…I also sometimes have little problems like not being able to find the correct word, I know what I want to say, like its on the tip of my tongue but it never actually gets there. Its so frustrating, I usually just give up and by then the conversation has usually moved on…There are some days when I keep my blinds shut as I cant stand to look as bright light… I am sick of feeling sick…I have been to the GPs again this morning to tell him of the excrutiating migraine I have just had and it lasted 10 days! and have been left with a very bruised feeling in my eye socket. The pains were in my eye, behind my eye, in my cheek all the way up on top of my head. My scalp felt so sore to touch and couldnt stand to even comb my hair… I told my GP an all he says is “I will give you something better for your migraines” and “your tingling in your feet is due to you arthritis in your back”. My daughters in their 30s both have Lupus and Sjogrens… I dont know what to do. I feel a total hypochondriac… One that is going mad. I can cry at the drop of a hat…Anyone out there that can offer me any advice or their thoughts on the subject please feel free to do so…Does it seem to you that I have M S?? Bye for now. Michelle.x.

Oh sorry I forgot to mention that I also see double sometimes. Especially if I am trying to read. The line I am reading gets duplicated underneath,. Thanks.Bye for now.Michelle.x.

A lot of the symptoms you are experiencing sound like neurological ones. However, the soreness of your scalp and the pains in your head reminded me of something the GP thought my Mum had which was Giant Cell Arteritis. It may well not be this but if it is, it needs to be treated quickly. Please Google it. I am no expert so do not take my word for this. It does sound like you need to change your GP though for another who takes your symptoms seriously. I hope you get some help soon. Hth Teresa xx

Hi Shelly, you poor thing! Really going through the mill.

Nobody on here can say if you might have MS as there are a whole bunch of different conditions that can cause these symptoms… BUT what I will say is that your GP should be sending you to see consultants to try and work out what’s going on.

If your GP is refusing to refer you (which actually they are not allowed to do) you can change GP. The first step towards finding out what’s causing your problems is seeing a specialist and having the appropriate tests done.

I know when you feel rotten getting things like a new GP sorted is very very hard, but Shelly it’s the only way you are going to get a diagnosis and get the help you need.

I hope you can get a new GP soon… or get your current GP to refer you. The sooner the better. No wonder you’re depressed and I hope you get some answers soon.

Take care,

Pat x