I.B. to ESA

Good morning.

A few weeks ago I got the dreaded phone call from DWP.

We are changing your benefit from I.B. to ESA.

I was told that forms would be sent out to me and had to be returned within a month, they give you the exact date.

If the forms wern’t in by that time my benefit would be stopped, that fraise came up a couple of times.

I even got a letter about a week before the return date saying that I hadn’t much time so get the forms in or your benefit will be stopped.

To cut a long story short 2 weeks after I posted off the forms with a 2 page letter about how my illness afects me ( they asked how it affects me ) and all questions answered plus any relevant consultants letters.

I had been placed in the support group without a medical.

I thought yipee glad that’s sorted then the realisation I must be bad.

Ah well I know I am but not sure I like being reminded.


Hi Ronin, well done you! Just thank your lucky stars that you didn’t have to go through the medical.

I know it can have a bit of a strange affect. I felt the same when I got DLA. Really pleased that I got it but an uncomfortable reminder of my disability.

Anyway… it’s so random really as lots of people have to take it to appeal… you obviously got a sympathetic and informed DWP worker…so I’m keeping fingers crossed that I’m as lucky when my turn comes (dreading it!).

Take care and stop thinking about why you got it… just relax and enjoy the fact that you got it.

Pat x

Hi Ronin,Im glad you didnt have to go to the medical.

I posted my ESA form on Friday with a 10 page letter,I struggled with cramping,twitching and pain to fill the form in and write the letter.

I have not had a medical yet and hopefully will get a home visit.

I am however going with a friend tomorrow to his ESA medical so I will know what to expect when I have to go to one.He needs support with many areas of his life and I think he needs to get ESA even if it is the work related group.