Hurrah!; today I've been told I have "proper" MS...

…by an old GP friend who I have not seen in 20 odd years. He lives and works in Australia, is over for a funeral and last time I saw him we were both 2 stone lighter!

Without wishing to dredge up ‘that thread’, has anyone else ever been told something like this from a medical professional?

(Crouches, with tin hat on!)


LOL but explaining the various strains to people is odd

Maybe you have ‘proper proper MS’… ie PPMS!!!

For God’s sake don’t dredge up ‘that thread’ again… LOL…

Hope you’re doing well living with your proper MS!

Pat xx


I’d love to know what Improper MS is. Google here I come… This could be a long night.

Cath x


I wish I had improper MS!

Nina x

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Proper ms? That’s confused me, can you have improper then??

Pam x

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Didn’t your Neuro say you have MS?

Thank god that GP is no longer working in the UK! Sorry Oz.

Somebody needs to look up the meaning of the words “multiple” and “sclerosis”.

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I don’t have proper MS anymore lol, I only have the pretend one

Sonia x


God help us all

if that came from a medical person,is it no wonder we become our own experts in our own ms.