Hey I was just wondering if these symptoms could be MS Hug? I’m just finishing day 4 of some curious lung pain when breathing in - sharp, tight pains. I actually thought I might have heart probs and GP sent me to A&E for test- they were all clear for a heart prob. Doc then decided on pleurisy but there are some probs in that I’m not in anyway unwell which casts doubt. I’m waiting results of a chest x ray. Then I wondered about MS Hug? I’ve had a CIS of optic neuritis about a year ago - from which I recovered. Lesions present etc etc. It’s not a constant pain - only breathing in, but I don’t have a tight band all the way around. I didn’t tell A&E that I’m high risk of MS and I doubt the GP would have thought of it (no offence to him but he’s not the brightest spark) Curious on people’s thoughts? M

Hi I wanted to let you know my mum doesn’t have MS or any symptoms to suggest. But she gets a hug sensation occasionally and its not to do with MS. I don’t know its thats helpful or unhelpful to your question. All the best xx