HSCT therapy in Moscow or Mexico

Not sure what response I’ll get but here we go.

ive been looking in to hsct and am minded to seriously consider this is my CIS progressed to confirmed MS. I know it’s a risk and I know it’s expensive but would love to hear from anyone who has considered this or has a thought on it.

love to hear a variety of opinions on the subject as it seems promising but ridiculously difficult to obtain through the nhs


hiya brian i cant speak from personal experience but i believe that any positive changes are short lived.my friend went through it-very expensive and not worth was their opinion. ellie

Have you seen the latest on the MS Trust Promising results from long term studies of stem cell transplants | MS Trust

If you can afford it; and not re-mortgaging to have it; go for it

Could be like Caroline Wyatt Caroline Wyatt: MS 'brain fog' lifted after stem cell treatment - BBC News or you could stay the same or worse.

You will never know until you try but DO NOT skint yourself.


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Hi George

i’m in a couple of facebook groups about hsct in Mexico. there are daily updates from people undergoing the treatment and people recovering. Generally the stories are pretty positive, with the occasional exception.

luckily my wife and i took out critical illness cover on rental properties and i’ve confirmed a diagnosis of MS is sufficient for a claim, no need to reach a certain edss score.

I’m seriously considering it should my CIS develop into MS

thanks for the link, its an interesting read. believe it or not i’ve discussed this with Caroline in one of the forums !!!