Caroline Wyatt- HSCT

The BBC journalist gives a report on radio 5 today, concerning her experience with HSCT in Mexico.

Go in at 11.34am and lasts about 15 minutes.



Thank you for sharing this interview.

I have always admired Caroline Wyatt as a journalist and she certainly threw herself over the cliff edge by trying HSCT. She was also fortunate in being able to afford to fund the long process herself. I hope it works for her.

From Caroline’s description of her fellow patients, some of them would probably not qualify for treatment under the NHS criteria currently in place, although my understanding of them is limited.

The discussion did move on to cannabis products and Biotin; these need as much airing as possible in terms of treatment for MS and other diseases.


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Hi, tried the link and unfound!


I just checked and it’s still there, so should be ok.

well it certainly was an interesting listen, thanks for posting the details.

I for one am still very sceptical about this type of treatment, the risks far outweigh the cost/benefit as I can see.


I believe that the future for HSCT is going to be interesting but, I worry about the charlatans that prey on people’s desperation to be cured.

Good luck to anyone that tries it but, it’s early days and you need to be aware of Quacks…

That’s just my opinion!

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It’s really not in its early days… may be so in this county but it’s nit in others particularly Russia and Mexico. I have been back from Moscow for four weeks. I’m spms and I’m doing well since being back. Certainly a better chance than sitting here doing nothing but watching this disease take bits of me! Moscow has treated over 1000patients for example. Plenty of great examples of this including U.K. citizens. Finding the right place is about researching properly including their processes. Yes there are cowboy companies offering stem cell without chemo but that’s not HSCT. If you join Facebook pages about Hsct in Russia and in Mexico you will see for yourself. Best decision I made. For me and my family. I have had some improvements too. But the ultimate aim is to stop progression. If I can do that I’m smiling. No drug can offer that and DMDs certainly don’t either! Xx

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Also , when I was there, 7 people who had HSCT a year previous came for there scans a year on. All showed no new lesions, some had lesions that had shrunk. And all had improvements too. One young Swedish lady has gone from being in a wheelchair, unable to speak, eat, write and generally no life at the young age of 25…she is now walking, eating, writing, socialising, working and living independently on her own whereas she needed a carer. Pretty amazing stuff. There is also many on the Facebook pages for UK, Mexico, Russia and Chicago that had the treatment years ago who are still doing good, progression has stopped and some have improved! One lady has been progression free for eight years and mobility has improved. Pretty good results to me and better than anything I have researched up to now. But each to their own. Xx

What Lisa said. I had HSCT in Moscow in July after RRMS with EDSS 1 progressed to SPMS and EDSS 6.5 in less than a year. The brain fog lifted with the first dose of chemo and more than 4 months later is still gone. Although the old nerve damage is still of course there, I have been able to dispense with my cane in the house and feel much better in myself. I am hopeful that I am in the 80% of patients whose disease progression is halted. HSCT is not yet a complete cure as it doesn’t claim to repair existing damage, but if it stops my inevitable rapid decline to EDSS 10, it is as good as a cure for me.

I just posted this article written by Caroline Wyatt - informative and balanced. (In my opinion)