How variable are your symptoms?

In limbo again, awaiting my third neuro appointment. A GP once said to me that my symptoms are too variable within a day, MS doesn’t present like that.

I have some persistent symptoms that may wax and wane but don’t go altogether: fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, memory problems, slower walking speed, involuntary jerk-like movements, numbishness (which started small then spread up my left side), slight blur to my once perfecr vision along with colour discrepancy and pain behind the eye. I have others that seem to happen ocassionally and get worse along with a (for want of a better word) relapse: bladder issues, constipation, difficulty getting words out, gait disturbance, nystagmus, trouble translating words into meaning.

So far I’ve had clear blood tests, a clear MRI, clear ENT examination, clear VEP. Only when I did a research study which involved climbing into an fMRI did they find ‘a few structural things’ which is why I’m being referred again.

I’ve also had that electric shock when looking down feelung, more than once, but that happened before the rest of it started up. I’ve had the tight band below the ribs, on a couple of occasions making it hard to breath or move. But that strikes me now and again, not often. So how variable are MS symptoms? Am I right to still suspect it, despite the lack of evidence so far?

Oh dear, you’re asking two questions that have no answer…‘how variable are MS symptoms?’ sorry, but how long is a piece of string?

‘Am I right to still suspect it…?’ I’m sorry, can’t answer this one either, you’ve had tests that are clear, so if you’re being referred to a neuro again perhaps you’ll find some answers…good luck with that, but I suspect that any answers you’re given might not convince you?

Rosina x

Very variable and the longer you have it of course your going to experience the full works