How to stop worrying?

How do you all deal with worrying? The left side of my face feels odd and it keeps tingling and my bottom lip keeps twitching. It feels strange all around my left eye and left side of my nose. I feel really tired even after a good sleep. I keep worrying i am going to get worse and lose my sight or use of a limb. I don’t see the neuro until january to discuss my LP which was negative but i do have lesions.

Hi Zipster, I get similar sensations on the left side of my face too. I’m off to see the neurologist for the first time tomorrow. My strategies for coping with worry are to use positive self-talk and affirmations (such as ‘All is well . Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe. I listen with love to my body’s messages’.) I also find that talking about my experience with others helps a lot (which is why you’ll see me on here so often!) Worry is just a bad habit…and those can be replaced with good habits. Be gentle with yourself :heart:

I have found mindfulness meditation very helpful. Too much worry can actually cause secondary pain.

Hi I used to have a masters in worry lol!!..I would worry about everything!..but once you are diagnosed with a potential life changing disease it kinda put things into perspective!..whatever life throws at you you have to deal with as there’s no other choice it’s sink or swim…BUT I’m not saying I don’t worry as I certainly do its a trait that’ll always be there it’s how you deal with it I think that’s important! also takes a lot of working through in your mind and a lot of tears and anger and frustration but you learn to live with it believe me it’s not easy but someone gave me this bit of advice my ms nurse actually live in the moment cause none of us know what’s round the corner in the blink of an eye life can change so try to enjoy the simple things in life and not dwell on what might never happen anyway as life’s too short!..can’t believe it was me who wrote this!..I’m not saying I’m all positive now especially on a bad day or during a relapse but that’s allowed! will find a way to cope believe me…take care and hope you feel better soon Emma x

Thanks for replies. I haven’t been well for 13yrs and always thought it was m.e but since they now think it’s m.s i have had all along i seem to be worrying about ending up in a wheelchair etc even though i have lived with this for 13yrs and haven’t.

I know worrying is a rubbish waste of time if only we had a crystal ball but then again!!!..are you an impatient person as I am and wonder if that’s a worry trait?!!

Hello Zipster

You asked the question about negative LP on another link which I answered…I don’t think you noticed.

I have multiple brain lesions and several lesions on my spine, I have been diagnosed with MS.

LP is not definitive for ms but it can aid in the diagnosis.

Research shows that more older people diagnosed with ms have a negative LP…the reason is not known…I’m 57.

Now to the worrying!! try not to…its a waste of good energy. None of us know whats in the future…surely you’ve heard that phrase “you could get knocked down by a bus”.

January is not long to wait now, so try and enjoy christmas.

Take care, Noreen

I am 44 blossom. I just start worrying soon as I get new symptoms that it’s gone into the progressive stage and I wont recover.


I found making changes in my life worked for me, elevate as much stress as you can and make life easier for yourself if its possible. Having less stress helped me cope better and concentrate on what was really important and deal with symptoms better.

Hope you find something that works for you.

Catherine xx

I Know how you feel Zipster…we all get days like that but you have to find your own way of staying positive.

Try and look at all the good things in your life and take each day as it comes. Too much worrying is not good for your general health and wellbeing.

Take care, Noreen

For me it is the not knowing that stresses me out, mainly because I don’t know what I should be doing to help myself. So, I’ve now come to the point where I think, okay I might have this or this. Even though I don’t have any diagnosis, what could I be doing to limit the damage. So I’ve changed my diet, I’m making sure I exercise, and I’m taking B12 and vit D supplements. Once I can think to myself that I’m doing the best I can, then I feel less stressful about it. Also, the exercise gives me a sense of control. Even if my arm isn’t functioning properly, I can still exercise other bits of me. This may sound kookie, but it works for me.

Astro x


I’ve been wondering the same, after my neuro said at my first appt that there is definitely a CNS problem, probably MS, but also that my anxiety is probably creating other symptoms. I’m looking into mindfulness, or mindfulness based cognitive therapy - a few people have recommended it and it does seem to be the most effective thing at the moment.

Good luck with all this - I can really relate to the worry that whenever new symptoms appear you worry about it being progressive as I do just the same!