how to put your foot in it!

Hi everyone

I was talking to a colleague at work (in a school) about his bad back - he is in agony poor thing! He said he was getting to work early, cos he didn’t want students to see him struggling to get out of the car and limping into school…

Then he looked at me and his face said it all, he had realised that what he had said was me everyday - and let me tell you, the students don’t seem to mind at all!


Apologies - my shaking fingers pressed the send key twice!!

Ha ha - I bet he wished the ground would open up!

What do you do in school? I’m the Attendance Administrator and the students report to me when they are late in the mornings. They are usually half asleep and often come up with fairly lame excuses as to why they are late and they try to come up with an excuse that won’t count against them.

There are a couple that use the old chestnut ‘I wasn’t feeling too good this morning’ when in reality there is nothing wrong with them that an early night wouldn’t sort. (I know because if they had a medical complaint it would be logged on our database and I would be aware of medical appointments etc). On a bad day my reply is ‘Me too but I was still here at 8.30!’ You should see their faces :wink:

Tracey x

Whoops! I bet he forgot about your MS cause you are so upbeat and positive etc! Take it as a compliment! Having said that at least now hopefully you have a colleague (and future advocate maybe) who has a small inkling what your condition actually feels like which is never a bad thing, especially if others struggle to empathise on the bad days. There are some real clangers I saw over on the MS twitter feed - I think the hashtag is what people shouldn’t say or something. At least you know your colleague genuinely put his foot in it and was not being deliberately hurtful. Bet he felt silly though! x