Get so fed up

Of people at work calling me lazy, useless, Im sh**t, etc even my teamleader at work was saying to someone becarefull you will wake him up, it does really get to me, I just want to say how dare you say that to some with MS. Even my mates do it at times, just little things they say, I know there only joking but since I was diagnosed with MS it just gets to me so so much :frowning:

Hi Anon, So sorry you’re having a bad time of it at the moment. Have you told your work collegues that you have MS and one of the many symptoms is tiredness, it may help if you do. If you have told them then they should respect the fact.

I’m sure your mates are only joking as they know you have MS, I’m afraid it is something I’ve had to take from my OH and son, they are forever taking the mick out of me, for walking into door frames that jump out and hit me just as I get to them, or taking the stairs one at a time with both feet. I now just let it wash over me.

It is upsetting at first, the teasing, but try to take it for what it is and take no notice.

Just remember we’re here if you want to rant or rave, we all do at sometime or other and we understand.

Be positive.


One man’s banter is another man’s abuse.

Your colleagues should be ashamed of themselves. The only way to stop it is for you to tackle them head on.

Tell them when they next criticise you that you find it offensive.

Don’t even try to explain what m.s. is all about - just make it known when you are unhappy with their comments.

I dont know why I posted as anon :s, yes everybody that I works with knows I just never bring it up unless they ask questions, if they ask I will happily answer. I just wish they all spent 2 minutes of there time to read up on MS and exactly what it can involve.

Yea I know there only joking but it just gets to me loads some times, Yep I know what you mean the one thing that my mates take the mick out of sometimes is my talking and writing which really annoys me.I guess it will just take time for me to accept that no1 who doesnt have MS can not possibley understand everything about it.

Thank you


Hi Callum,

I am sorry that you are put under so much stress with your so called work ‘friends’. Everyone seems to be ‘brave’ when they are together though don’t they. If I were you I would choose a time for you to talk to each of your work collegues individually, and explain how MS affects people. Don’t forget to smile, and talk quietly. It may take a while for them to stop their taking the mick, but eventually they should either accept it, or even become a bit bored by your telling them, either way it should stop.

Good Luck,


Not surprised you are fed up of all the comments. it is a kind of disabled -ism, just as bad as making racist and other ist remarks.

Do you think you could cut your hours down a bit so you`re not overdoing it?

Those work colleagues of your`s need educating…why not take some MS literature about fatigue in?

luv Pollx

Thanks guys,I did think at first its just life and people do make coments but to a person with MS they really shouldnt.Its not all the time, but when they do make little comments it gets to me so much, I have explained to a few of them what it involves and that it can involve faitigue. I do about 43 hours a week polly, so quite a lot! When Ive finished work I normally feel a lot better I think and more awake so at times I do wonder if it is even faitigue.