How to pace yourself?

Hi everyone

I’ve been newly diagnosed with RRMS this year and wanted to say hello and ask for some support.

I have strugged with losing my identity and how I’m now perceived. I haven’t felt well since it all started around 2 years ago but feel really isolated. I feel like I’m constantly having to prove myself at work and overdo it, then become unwell and feel guilty about having a day off and it creates a horrible cycle.

How do you pace yourself and stay successful at work? I feel like I’m struggling yet terrified to slow down in case I lose energy/my job forever.

Hi Rachael, just bumping this up as I can’t really answer, still being in limboland myself. I’d be interested to hear others’ replies though.


I don’t know if this helps, I’m likely PPMS and I’m self employed (contracter), so going to work daily is client facing!

I just try to keep life simple, literally that :wink: Since I was diagnosed in the middle of the year I’ve learnt that anything social or otherwise is taxing. The more I do the more it creeps up on me.

So, during the week, my focus is work and I only bother to task myself with small things (i.e. that I can do in less than 30 mins, like doing the VAT return or cleaning the bath!) during weekday evenings.

At the weekends I only ever make arrangements for one evening OR daytime (I tried two and ended up being asleep most of the time).

Unless plans involve being at home i.e. having a friend visit for coffee or a film and then I know it takes it out of me a lot less!

I know that probably sounds dull but I have to force myself to get organised when I need to be and then try hard to relax at the right times too. Whereas I’m usually OK with a stick, popping into town to go to one shop and then getting a coffee means that going out for dinner means I’ll need my crutches and will need a lazy day the next day!

If anything important was approaching, I would plan for a quiet day first so I’d have my wits about me and enough energy :wink:

As for losing your identity, I get that! Remember that the friends worth having will still be there and looking good without the heels is a bit harder, but funnily enough since everyone remarks how well I look without the stressed out look that was there for quite some time before diagnosis, daytime make-up is just mascara! OK, it’s the new mega lash one from Clinique but with tremors etc. it was a faff so I keep it simple.

Maybe people just expected I’d look drawn and stressed now but I’m beginning to bounce back confidence wise as time goes on, I hope you can too :wink:

Sonia x

Hi Rachael :slight_smile: I understand completely where you are coming from as I have been battling with the same issues myself. It’s nice to know i am not alone! I was taking endless days off as I was getting completely run down with everything. I made the decision to go to the doctors and told them how I felt. I have been signed off work for a few weeks now and feel so so much better. My work have been incredibly supportive and offered me a role with less pressure. Have you tried to speak to anyone at work about your situation? In my case I really found it helped. Amy

Hi Rachael As silly as this sounds… have a rest before you are tired. Learn how to say no. Google “mindfulness”, too.