How to move on from a tough day

Today has been a tough day - MS related. My mum with MS had a difficult morning and I needed to pick up the pieces. Its 2pm now and my heart is hearting, anxiety is high and just feeling so low and just want to give up. I’m hiding away from my mum because I don’t her to feel at fault for what has happened and how it is making me feel. How can I move on and not waste away the day? How can we still have joy in the day together when all I want to do is lie in bed?

For me, these things help. A hot shower, hot sweet tea, get outside in the garden/in the fresh air. Putting on clothes that you like/feel comfortable/lifted in. Listening to favourite songs. Having some time alone./going for a walk in nature. Peace and quiet. Reading/re-reading a favourite book. Listening to Jack Kornfield meditations when I am in bed. Even allowing only 5-10 mins for each of these things makes a big difference. As corny as the saying may be ‘Do what makes your heart sing’. For each of us it’s a different thing that will lift us and only we know what that is in the moment. Take care. xx

Hello @behappy. Your honesty is truly humbling. Why not try keeping some soothing music playing in the background, when you and your mother wake up, e.g. classical, and keep through the day? As a secondary school teacher, I used this strategy to create a calm and relaxing environment conducive for learning. The kids resisted at first, but soon got used to it, and asked for it to be played, when I forgot to do so! Keep doing your best; Mum does appreciate everything you’re doing for her❤️

I understand and support you very much. For me, the best solution so far is to live not only with my mother’s problem, but also to find moments in life that bring me joy. Then I realize that I have a routine, such as taking care of my mother, but I also have a favorite thing where I am completely unwind. For me, sport has become such an escape, and of course you can find something unique and personal