How to get back to work????

Hi all,

I really REALLY wanna get back to work! Especially now i am single and alone all the time! The only problem is my fatigue. It is very unpredictable and all of the medications i have tried work for a little while and sometimes not at all. I find it very hard getting up in the morning, and some mornings i do not feel at all fresh and take something to boost my energy and that doesnt work. Other days it does a little but not long enough or consistent enough to work. I am literally going insane! I am very qualified! I have a nursing degree, a psychology degree have worked in so many different settings and been really good at everything i do (not to blow my own trumpet but its true!). How can i do this? I am getting my nurse pin number back in Feb 2012, but there is no way i could work as a nurse.

Any ideas or help would be great! I NEED a life! I need money and i need friends! x x x x x

Hi Linzi, are you able to exercise? I’ve found it’s helped loads with fatigue, and I feel good after a workout. I think it’s probably going to take a while if your fatigue is really bad. But, it’ll be worth it in the end. I’ve also heard that hbot can be good for fatigue. Sorry if that’s not very helpful :frowning: you sound like you’ve tried lots already! Suz xx

I would think about part time work, maybe even self employed so that you can work hours around what you can do. Larger organisations are better at offering flexible working and will have more knowledge of employer responsibilities. Job Centres should have Disability Employment Advisers, but I dont know how good they are at getting people back to work.

DLA is still paid to people who are in employment, so that might be a help.

How about voluntary work in the interim? Would get you out and about, and look good on your CV. Plus of course you have control over hours etc. Would be useful too for you to see just how you manage your MS in the wider world.

You will of course need to see how working would affect any other benefits that your may be receiving.


hi linzi, how long did u work as a nurse? have you got a pension u could maybe get early if u cant return to work as a nurse. I am looking into that at the moment, i am lucky tho cos the place i last worked are interested in keeping me on part time on totally flexible hours to undertake a quality and advisory role.Have you thought about teaching in further education, i did that for a while, prep etc at my own pace and lecturing for 1-2 hrs in the evenings.Getting your pin back is good as you can work in an advisory or teaching capacity if you cant work shifts or set hours roles, this would apply to psychology also,have you thought of being a self employed counsellor? or similar. Im just about to start having some cbt as my ms has left me with extreme anxiety and fatigue, i would be really pleased if my counsellor had some personal connection or experience of my problems.

Fatigue is no joke and an absolute nightmare if what you need is company and motivation amongst others. You must get out of the house at least once everyday for some reason or other and try and vary the time you go out. Maybe you could do an evening course that would help towards a job or some voluntary work during the day that would help with opportunities to meet people, a charity shop or care centre. If it turns out you cant go out to work and you cant work from home , then ask for help to see what financial and practical assistance you are entitled to, embark on a hobby or educational pastime that you get pleasure and confidence from.And MOST IMPORTANTLY make sure whatever you do involves interacting with someone outside your homelife at least once a day, even if it is just messaging someone on this site!

Good luck Linzi, PM me if you want to, struggling with managing fatigue myself at the moment.

Wanda x