hi there, i am new to the forum and this may seem a silly question as a result;

is there any medication that can be given/prescribed for fatigue???

i’ve had fatigue that is preventing me from working atm and has done so for the last month…still waiting for neuro golddust appt.!! GP says he can’t give anything.


Hi Ardbeg, here’s a link from this site with some info about drugs that help fatigue:


Personally I have chosen not to take a drug for fatigue, but am trying to live with it. My rational is that fatigue is my body trying to cope with MS and to over-ride that with a drug might not be a good idea. Anyway, everyone’s different so check the info out and see what you think.

Would also be worth your while googling the drugs that are on the link… and post again on Everyday Living where you might get more people who are using the drugs. Not sure how many of us PPMSers are using them.

GP might not be willing to prescribe anything without go-ahead from neuro.

Fatigue is one of the most difficult symptoms of MS and apparently the most common reason why MSers give up work. I certainly couldn’t manage to work initially because of fatigue.

Have you a dx for PPMS?

Welcome to the forum. It’s a great place for advice and support and often have a laugh as well.

Pat x

Hi Pat and thank you for your reply,

yes had dx back in july this year after years of knee problems that masked the ms mobility problems. since then have had blurred vision, balance and fatigue problems. I had to reduce my full time hours at work to half days to cope. After just 3 weeks of that my boss wanted me to permanently reduce my contracted hours…very thoughtful of her after more than 30 years service!! I declined the offer and would really like to get back to full time but simply can’t cope atm.

I will check out the link and drugs…many thanks!

Hi Ardbeg, you really need to check out your legal position at work. There are laws now protecting disabled people in the workplace and your employer has to try and make adaptations etc so that you can continue to work.

My memory is cr*p and can’t even remember name of the Act… anyone else out there on the board who can help?

Anyway Ardbeg google around… using words like ‘disability equalities act’… in fact I think that’s what it’s called.

30 years service… it’s shameful that they are not going out of their way to make it possible for you to continue!

Pat x

Hi Pat and Sarah, thank you once again for your replies. I will definitiely give the drugs a go when I can get someone to prescribe them. I have been waiting for over 3 months now since dx to speak to either an ms nurse or neuro. the local ms nurse has been on long term sick leave and the neuro who diagnosed me has left the area! New neuro just hasn’t sent an appointment and his secretary needs an oscar for her profuse apologies each time we phone!

My wife downloaded the ms booklet for employers and employees from this site and I gave it to my boss. They’ve been more considerate since then but i’ve alerted the union just in case! Not what we need on top of everything else though!

What a good thing that we have this forum though! it’s all we have rght now in fact, so thanks again for being there and for caring!