How things change

Hi Everybody.

I just felt the need to tell you all this. I met my partner 5 years ago and he had been diagnosed with RRMS some 5 years before we met. About 18 months after we met we moved in together. Well the stress of moving (you know what its like money stres etc etc) made weird things happen to me, I lost my vision, and use of my left leg. Well the dr thought I had had a stroke and I was rushed to hospital. Just 3 days later I too was diagnosed with RRMS. My neurologist was shocked to learn that my OH had it too and confirmed it defo was not catching!!

I was on REBIF (yuk yuk yuk) which didnt work for me so I was then put straight on Tysabri. I have had 8 infusions so far. Then - this is the best bit…on Saturday 17th November I walked down the aisle with my father where my Joe was waiting and we got married! We had an amazing day! Oh how we laughed and danced the night away.

Flippin feeling it now tho!!! I just wanted to share this with people who understand what an achievement just having a good ole night can be!!!

Hayley x

commiserations on your diagnosis

but CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding and for being able to enjoy your day despite the monster.

anyway at least both you and your husband have partners who truly understand what it’s like

carole xxxxxxx

Well done Hayley and chin up etc, if possible…best wishes…

Congratulations! Always good to hear a positive story…you’ve made me feel a bit better about my first Tysabri infusion on Friday…yikes!

As they say on Strictly…Keep dancing!

S x

Oh Hayley. Congratulations and best wishes for the future to you both. Your happiness shines through your post.


Congratulations to both of you.What an uplifting story,and may I humbly suggest that the MS Matters editor is made aware of it…if they aren’t already.Your story is an inspiration to everybody,

Regards, Wb xx

Thanks guys! Its been a whirlwind. But honeymoon next week in the Scottish Highlands - cant wait!

Take Care H xxx