Hi from Mark

Hi everyone I’m not on here that often I just drop in when I get the chance.

I had my 100th Tysabri infusion a week passed on Wednesday I’m doing great I’ve not had a relapse since I started that itself is amazing going from a relapse every 4 to 6 weeks and I’m also walking I’ve been out of my wheelchair for almost 9 years now I was in and out more in it for almost 2 years before I got Tysabri.

Another wee thing I’m over the moon about me and my fiancee are expecting our first baby in January we’ve been trying for a while but with my ms things didn’t work how they should lol

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be I know the heat probably affects most of you I’m luck I’m at my best in that weather I seem to thrive in it.


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Great news! Congralations! It’s good to have good news.

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Hi Mark, what a brilliantly positive post!

Great news about how well you`ve responded to the meds.

Out of your wheelchair! Wow…even better!

Now the best news of all, is the forthcoming new baby!

How lucky you 2 are…a new life, full of hope and dreams…

no better fix than that, eh?

luv Granny Pollxx

Poll I’m so happy everyone around me seems to be have babies I thought I’d never find love and have a family just goes to show you should never give up

hiya mark

congratulation! delighted to hear your news.

ellie x (same one thats been around for 10yrs-just diff user name!)

congratulations Mark on the baby news,bet you are so,so chuffed.

Pleased you are doing great on the tysabri too .its so good to hear .Keep us informed about the baby too.Good luck .

Best time of your lifes coming up,new babies are just wonderful.

J x

What wonderful news Mark. So pleased for you on both counts.

Well done you!!

Shazzie x

So nice to read that a MS diagnosis is not always a decline into hopelessness.

You have about 10 infusions each year? I had no idea they were so frequent.

In any event, thanks for sharing!

It’s every 4 weeks Paolo I think it’s something like 13 infusions a year I’ve missed a few over the years for 1 reason or another.

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Brilliant! I never knew that Tysabri made women pregnant.


Are you going to write it up for The Lancet?


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Following my above surprise, I did a spot of reading about Tysabri and saw it was a monthly thing. For some strange reason, it had stuck in my head that it was more of an annual dose!!!

None of this matters of course because currently, i am a grateful consumer of Tecfidera. But i guess i retained the idea of Tysabri in the back of my mind in case i needed a ‘Plan B’.

Anyway… onwards and upwards!

Congratulations to you both and all good wishes.