How much Vitamin D?

How much Vitamin D should I be taking daily?

I don’t know to be honest! Thought i would reply anyway! My Gp recommend 2000iu a day, my ms nurse said 1000iu and my neuro said about 5000iu! My nurse also said the ms society helpline could be a useful place to enquire. So in essence I don’t think anyone knows! Depending on how low your levels are anywhere between 1-5000iu seems sensible! Hope that didn’t confuse you too much, think I confused myself?! If you find out please let me know!

Have you had a test to see what your levels are? No-one here can tell you what you should take unless they happen to be your GP.

I take 5000. Desperate for some actual real life sun!! But not humidity- that ruins me. X

Firstly you should get your levels checked by the gp and then let the gp advise on the dose. It’s dangerous to self supplement a dose without regular blood tests - it can be dangerous if your level gets too high and also dangerous if your level is too low. So please before self supplementing get your levels checked by the gp and get them to advise on the dose

Hi again, yes Val and Karina are right you must get your levels checked by a GP first.

Mine were checked and are low but i have not been given a difinitive answer to how much i should take, thats what i was rambling on about! Sorry did not mean to confuse the subject x


I take 10,000 iu but Karina is right, you should get your levels checked first and then get them checked on a regular basis. I went on Rebif and it definitely had an effect on my levels.


Hi Sorry do you mean the rebif reduced your levels? Why? Thanks, Eleanor Ps I a new to the forum & not on drugs yet so don’t know much sorry!

There is an Australian study that found people on interferon to have higher levels of vitamin D than people not on interferon.

My neuro told me at my recent appointment to take 5,000iu a day. I think this is the most common amount recommended on the whole. I agree with the others that you should get your levels tested regularly though.

The level that we should aim for according to various websites is 125-150nmol/l. If you know what your level is, you can adjust your dose accordingly. Otherwise, you could easily be taking too much or not enough.

Karen x

My neuro told me to take between 4,000 to 5,000 iu a day and confirmed this in a letter to my GP.