How many people's posts are being 'delayed by moderation'?

All my posts are being delayed by moderation. Shuffler said s/he was having the same experience. Is it just us or is it everyone? I’m finding this frustrating. (Obviously it will be a while between me posting this and you seeing it because it will be d.b.m. but please reply anyway - even if it’s to say you’re not having this experience).

It wasn’t ‘delayed by moderation’, it just became an ‘unpublished post’. Someone’s got a sense of humour.

My next thought on the thread was ‘queued for moderation’ - sorry I got the terminology wrong. My first thought was an ‘unpublished post’ though. What is going on? It’s making me feel paranoid.

Hi Sewingchick

My posts seem to be going through today, so who knows!

Maybe we’ve been naughty girls!!!

Spoke too soon! Last post has gone for moderation. Perhaps you’ll see this one first!

For Val

The problem is not that our posts are not eventually being put on the forum - they are (eventually). The point is that people on the forum are having a conversation. If Shuffler or I make a comment and it goes on the forum an hour after we posted it, the conversation has moved on. If we are starting a thread, it will be miles down the list by the time it goes on the forum and people who might have replied or been informed by it won’t even see it.

I am also curious as to why my comments are continually being ‘queued for moderation’. As far as I know, I haven’t posted anything that is bullying, explicit or offensive in any way that goes against the rules which govern this forum. Please tell me if I’ve done something wrong because I am having a lot of difficulty and frustration in trying to chat on the forum and if there is something I can do to stop this I would be very happy to do it.

i put a post on on saturday it never appeared on the forum.this isn,t the first time this has happened either.begining to think i won,t bother in future its too much hassel.i,ll just read other members posts.

I’ve had a few problems too. Post wasn’t listed for ages.

On a positive note we’ve stopped having to put on our glasses, squint and tilt our heads to work out what the random numbers/letters are. Before we get a posting.

Jen x

Mine always seem to go for moderation if I use the smileys on here.

Sonia x

Oops, now I think I may have double posted. Thought the error was with me doing something wrong >.<

Blame the kitchen spammers.

But how do the problems with spammers explain why the majority of my posts (not the ones I’ve put up today, so far) are being queued for moderation? I’ve never had anything to do with anything spammy and the vast majority of my posts are adding to other people’s threads, not starting new threads.

couldn’t someone from the ms society tell a newspaper, close to where the kitchen spammers are based, and tell them what they’re doing on a charity organised site that’s here to allow us to talk to each other about this awful damned condition and offer support. they’re hijacking an important site and should be shown up for what they are! sorry, rant over. re the original post, i’ve been stopped in queues too.

wendy x