Moderation (part 2)

Okay, sorry to keep on about this. I was posting a comment to my previous post about the irony of that one NOT being queued for moderation when…yep…queued for moderation.

I’m getting fed up. Moderators, if you want people to leave, you’re going the right way about it.



regular users of the forum know there were mega issues with spam. the mods were doing their best but…in fact as i am typing this i will try and find the thread with explaination of it.

frustrating for us all but maybe an opportunity to practise patience…

back soon with what i am looking for hopefully…


hope that offers some understanding JZ

or u could pm stewart and he will sort it that u can post freely.


It’s ok. I know the issues with spam. I’ve been posting on here for a while.


i thought i recognised the name!

then pm stewart i suggest…