How long is a piece of string??????

Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the weather. I know that the answer to the question I want to ask will be different for everyone but probably just need a little reassurance.

I haven’t had a dx yet [having first MRI on Wednesday] but my ability to walk seems to be declining daily to the point that I struggle to step off the porch step. In my head its easy but my body just won’t obey. I wake up everyday thinking I will be able to walk today as I feel fine but the minute I get up and try it is almost impossible and then I am exhausted. Has anyone experienced this but at some point it has started to get better and you can get around again and how long on average does it take? [If it is MS]

I look after my Mum and Dad who are both disabled and housebound and I am finding it so difficult just to make them a meal or cup of tea and I need to get better as I can’t let them down.


Helen x

Yes, I’ve had terrible episodes of being unable to do pretty much everything and then recovered (to varying degrees). It’s pretty much the nature of RRMS :frowning:

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long relapses last, but if it’s MS and if it’s RRMS and if it goes the same way as most relapses, you will find that things start, get worse, peak and then gradually (and usually frustratingly slowly) get better.

Hopefully you’re at the peak already - and so recovery is on its way.

Karen x

Hi Helen, I am not dx with whats happening with me yet, but I can say things do improve with time, but as soon as I do too much it gives me a nudge and comes back, so I find taking it easy helps my symptoms. this is going to be hard for you to do, due to your commitments with your Mum and Dad, do you have brothers or sisters or other relatives who can help lighten your load and responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we all need help at differant times in our lives. takecare, Catherine x

Thanks for your reply. As I don’t know what is happening to me yet it is all a little scary, as you know. You have been there and got the T. shirt so to speak. It is reassuring to know that there is still hope that I can make improvements. I have had my B12 results back and they are normal. Limbo land is a very strange place to be as I have never in my life been disapointed when a result came back normal! but I was quite hoping that it was a defficiency which was causing these episodes. Oh well one explanation down just several hundred more possibilities [including I am losing it ] to go lol x

Have a good day

Helen x

Hi Helen, love the name Perdita, by the way!

Yes, I have been there and still am…I tell my legs and feet to do things, but they simply refuse to obey…and this is 15 years down the line.

If you do have MS, it could be RR and then you possibly will have better days.

Even with PPMS, some days are better than others.

It is human nature to think yourself better…nowt wrong wi` that luv.


Thank you poll Perdita in latin means ‘lost one’ or it could be the adult female in 101 Dalmations not sure which describes me best lol

I loved your message you and Karen offer such practical and down to earth advice it helps to keep everything in perspective. In fact every one has been so lovely I hope that when I get my dx whatever that may be that I can stay in touch sort of like a distant adoptive sister.

Helen x